Can a seedling germinate in nutrients?

I got my seedlings started in my aerogarden, and i added half a seedling dose of nutes because the seedlings were having what looked like deficiency issues. However, there was one seed in one of the pods that still hadnt even opened its shell. It was rising like it was ready to, then keeled over, and disconnected from its tap root. I now have my last seed, which is showing tap root, in the same system…but now im wondering if that dose of nutrients killed the first seedling and is about to kill this new one…

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Generally seeds don’t need anything but plain water to germinate.
Some folks add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to help give them a boost.
Usually seedlings will go a couple weeks before needing any food.


Its not my intention to give them nutrients, its just that ive got nutrients in the aerogarden tank, and thats where i germinate my seeds. They will be transplated into a bigger aero system, so i cant use dirt, and they have to get big enough for a neoprene collar before i can transfer them.


you run the risk of burning your cotyledons before you have mature enough leaves to take over for them. too much too early can burn them out in a day or two.

also, can you post a pic?


This discoloration started when they were just getting straight RO water.

I cant take a pic of the seed thats germinating bc its deep in the pod and only has about 1/8" tap root so far.

I wouldn’t call those seedlings, and by this point I’m dosing 1/2 strength early veg🤘


Im worried to add anymore nutes while i have seeds germinating in the same solution. You think its safe?

I had a similar issue with my babies off the start when feeding them only RO water. The issue comes from RO water having 0ppm. You need to add some calmag to your water when watering. Since your not in soil you need some nutrients because plain water is not going to provide those babies with what they need.


yes, the plant is eating your leaves for nutrients. good advice all around here. you can also add 10% tap water to your RO water to get enough Ppm to ph up or down accordingly.


Thanks guys

I germinate each seed in its on pot or solo cup.
Those aerated systems are good for clone but that can become a problem when you need to feed bigger plants with seedlings.

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Aerogarden does alright imo…light stretches up a foot but i dont even get half way there before i switch them to my aero/hydro system.

Do you grow them in soil and then shake off their roots when transplanting then to your system? Aint that risky?