Cali Greenhouse; Will White Greenhouse Film work?

s 55% Opacity ok for a Grow Starting in April?
Also will this work in other seasons than just summer

Great for light diffusion and even overwintering .
55% opacity, this greenhouse film works well as a light diffuser, and is also excellent for overwintering. Great for growers in high-UV regions.


Welcome to ILGM forum. Sorry can’t give any insight on your question. There are some green house growers on site just not sure who they are. Good Luck on your grow.

Welcome to the forum! Hopefully some of greenhouse growers will be by to help. I will keep an eye out for the information you’re looking for too.

Thanks for the Welcome notes.

How can i edit my own posts? I wanted to add some definitions since I had no idea what opacity truly meant.


  1. the condition of lacking transparency or translucence; opaqueness.


permitting light to pass through but diffusing it so that persons, objects, etc., on the opposite side are not clearly visible: Frosted window glass is translucent but not transparent.

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I recall using this type of material for some hoop houses 2 years ago and they worked well. Kept plants dry, allowed sun to shine through yet kept the visibility of what’s on the inside a mystery. Would allow you to extend your grow season longer too by keeping warmth and all.

I just built a little green house and I’m expecting to use this film as well.

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yes thats what they use in commercial growing. plastic lets uv light in were glass blocks it so hardening the plants off is easier. you have to watch heat build up it can get well over 100 on a 60 degree day so ventelation is of the utmost inportance.


The little hoop house I got going

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nice! :slight_smile: where will you put them after they grow?

They’re currently flowering and should
Finish mid May and I don’t expect them to pass the hoop. I’ll take them Into my garage to dry.

I plan on doing a dep with the hoop house. Going to fill the bed with 8-10 clones come end of May