Cal/mag, fungus(leaf spot), Does anyone have a factual opinion?

Plants are in 50/50 ffof and coco loco with added perlite
Ventilation A+
Space 4x4
Ilgm gg auto
2 mars sp250 @ 15”
Co2 bag
12” oscillating
Temps 72-76 lights on 69-72 off
RH 50-60 during day 60-68 night
18 on 6 off
Ph 6.0

The problem looks calmag related to me. Are you using any calcium/magnesium supplements?


In case you have not come across this when you are researching the problem
I find it to be one of the better ones. High quality photos Plant Doctor - Diagnose Your Cannabis Plants! | Grow Weed Easy.


Thank you

I do but I don’t think I’m adding enough. And I’ve used RO water

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I use 15ml calmag per gal dwc. I also use RO water. I use less in the coco coir though.

TY for this nutrient troubleshooting vis-aid. I’ve got the same problem as others here with bad PH pen and waiting on Amazon. I have 3 gold leaf and 3 indica mix pack started June 17th that are looking really good except for very small rust colored spots on the first real set of fan leaves. Was hoping to have them in the tent soon but that may be a week or two away. I think I was overly excited and forgot about Covid and it’s effect on UPS drivers, Amazon, and the 4th of July holiday. Light boards aren’t gonna ship until after the 4th, tent and PH pen from Amazon are unknown deliveries. Original plan was to start them in the Phototron in sphagnum moss and move 5 of them to a tent with a new light setup. I feel like an idiot not knowing much that everyone here needs in order to help; basic stuff like PH and nutrient. I’m gonna try to resize some pictures and upload them cause that’s really all I have. It’s not been 2 weeks since germination and I’m amazed at how good they looked just a couple days ago. I’m almost certain it’s a nutrient issue and I’d really like to get it corrected. TY


This was taken just 2 days ago on Sunday the 28th. Germinated June 17th. Very happy with the ILGM seeds (especially considering I’m flying blind on PH/nutrients)
That’s what you get for trying to use 30 year old equipment and technology!!!
Time for plan B.
All suggestions welcome…

2nd week of flower, and using RO water. Definitely calcium deficiency.

That picture sux; sorry folks.

Blue lab combo

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I have a couple lights I’m trying to get rid of if your on the budget gro type deal. I started with mars hydro amazon lights and have some I actually never used bc I found out about hlg

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TY for the offer but I’ve just been excited / impulsive on this first grow. This group (ILGM) has been super supportive.
I’ve got a 4x4 tent coming at some point and have ordered stuff for a qb120 4x4 veg light for that and am getting help from the light gurus here on another thread for that build.
Of course I never factored in this Covid virus in terms of shipping times at Amazon nor the upcoming holiday. I started the seeds in what was supposed to be a temporary home and is definitely not my preference long term.
So, I’m just gonna flush the babies well today and try a mild epsom salt foliar spray and keep them out of artificial light until I feel good about the nutrient situation.
I’ve been using the search function here to really zero in on getting the most out of this community. Had I done this earlier, I would not be in such a small panic right now. I’ve realized the time spent searching threads for specific keywords saves everybody’s time.

So, my situation isn’t financially unstable but perhaps mentally!!! TY again for the reply and offer of help.

Man idk wtf is wrong with these plants. Every single plant that has came from seed from ilgm has eventually ended up with these unexplainable black dots that eventually ravage the plant. I spent some decent coin with these guys so it’s kinda disappointing. I went back through these threads and there is people talking about it as far back as 2014 but not one thread ever found the cause.

It’s a calcium deficiency. Textbook case. Very common with distilled/ro/rain water. Very common the first couple weeks of flowering.

If your soil is within proper pH range, and calcium isn’t locked out by excess of other nuted, just add more calcium at your next feed. Cal mag will also work.

This isn’t related to genetics. It can happen to any cultivar.


Added only cal/mag…
Checked for bugs…
Cycled base nutes A&B+ Cal/mag, Ph 6.0…
2 weeks later…

No bugs on plant or in the root zone

So you’re not sure what you’re ph is?

I would water and check you ppm and ph. Maybe even give it a flush of ph d water. It’s locked out somehow From what I’m researching it’s a bad calcium deficiency. Unless you didn’t find the bugs. Did you check under the leaves and such.

I have gotten rid of the plant already. But yes I believe you are right. It was either locked out or a super heavy feeder. Wish I would of kept it for awhile longer

Oh…sad to hear

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