BUSTED! Need forced early harvest advice!

I had a good carbon filter but it wasn’t enough. Busted by building management, who is threatening to call the cops if the smell doesn’t go away pronto. I was forced to chop em all down.

Fortunately the crop was in 8th week flower already, so the 1 or 2 indicas in the crop were already being flushed for harvest next week. But most of the crop are sativas that still had another 4+ weeks of flower to go, and I was forced to harvest way early, before most of the crop even started developing sugar leaves.

I moved the grow tent inside an airtight room with no ventillation ducts to the rest of the building, and hung all 17 plants inverted in the tent. It’s a crowded fit. I’m a little worried about mold in such close quarters so I set up a UV-C Ozone generating light in the bottom of the tent.

Obviously there’s nothing that can be done about the fact that most of the crop was harvested 4 weeks earlier than optimal, and potency is certain to suffer as a result. But is there anything at all that can/should be done to mitigate the situation or make the best of it?

I was running the Biobizz line of nutrients at full potency on most of the crop. A couple of indicas were already in flush but the rest of the crop was fed full nutes right up to the last day. I know that harvesting without a flush is a no-no, but nothing could be done at the time. Is there anything I can do after the fact to mitigate the presence of nutes in the plants at the time of harvest? And how big of a deal is this to start with? Are we just talking unpleasant flavor/odor or are we talking serious health risk?



Just make sure it’s s slow dry. Nute flush before harvest is arguably worse than not with a proper cure. Based on blind taste tests. It’s the drying time that makes sure to dissipate all clorophyl. Will be safe to smoke if your drying time is 7+ days for sure. Weed not flushed but cured properly tested better than weed flushed and cured properly in blind taste tests


Hey Pat I would assume he already called the cops and get my stuff out there quick. You can always grow another crop.


Is it legal In your state to grow? If so you should have been fine


I kinda have to agree with, get them
out of there! I’m sure a freind would lend his place, heck I’d let them in my place for you. Also, check the real estate market and buy a place! Good luck!


IF management is talking to you, they don’t want to loose a renter. You aren’t the first to get notified. Let them know you are “taking care of the issue”. Best if you can move all to a safe secure location. Until then Freebreeze

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Although I understand what you mean, our apartments have a clause in the lease about odors that, for lack of a better word, disturb neighbors, it’s violating lease agreement.

Basically anything goes UNTIL a they start getting complaint, whether it’s cigarette smoke, pot odors, cat litter etc.

Our management really does not care until complaints start coming in and and even then they give some warning with a note or three threatening eviction.

As for cops, I’m guessing original poster lives in one of the crappy states not getting on board the speeding freight train that is legalization.

Being in NY, (who recently legalized recreational marijuana, but from what I understand, you still can’t grow here until after they get dispensaries open for a certain time) I too am under the scrutiny of both the law and my apartment complex.

I am literally more worried about the apartments though as it’s (I think) only a misdemeanor for part plant now.

Lol famous last words…I think


Your charcoal filters should take care of the smell. I can smoke a cigarette outside my tent in the room, with it closed, lights out for night. In 5 minutes you’d never know I had smoked a cig in there. Need to make sure your fan and filter meet your cfm requirements. Make sure to wash your precleaners if sucking through the filter, blowing through works better in my exp though, so no precleaner. My generic and ac infinity filters do about the same. Need a stronger fan for the ac infinity one tho. Only bought it because I started to smell. Was just the precleaner filled up, changed them anyway. No good. Fan wasn’t strong enough to pull through the ac infinity and its precleaner. So now I got two good filters, but not messing with precleaners since it’s more effective to blow out the filter. As all filters, they get loaded up, replace them. No filter is permanent, not even a ‘self’ cleaning filter on a 41 sundstrand hydraulic pump. And never try to rebuild that maafk either. Nightmares.

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Haha you just confirmed my nightmares! I live in a two floor building with management and maintenance people that take care of it but they don’t really give a crap about this place they take forever to fix things and I only really see them couple times a year in my house. But your story scares me haha.

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6 days ago… @xPat need bailed out bro?


Thanks for the concern @PharmerBob. No, not in jail. Just pretty depressed about the crop and haven’t been on this forum as regularly.

I can’t tell if SOURCE TURBO has gone out of business due to the pandemic, or if they are just ignoring my calls and e-mails because I told them I’m in S. America but they don’t ship here.

It makes perfect sense that they would refuse to ship to places where the electrical voltage is incompatible. In this case I already have the needed transformer to convert to U.S. voltage but so far they won’t even return my calls and e-mails.

Anyone got any other ideas for what to do? The source turbo plan seemed like a great strategy, but I can’t get my hands on one.

p.s. If anyone has a source turbo in good working condition they want to sell and are willing to ship internationally, please contact me.


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How far along is your crop?

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Turn your air down. It will help. Fabulous. Put it in every corner in every room. Pore it down all you drains. Can’t stand a rat

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Sorry your having problems.

Oh yeah, what ever happened with this situation