Burnt tips on marijuana plant leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

I have plants of my own (OUT DOOR) but Irvine started facing an issue with my plants. The edge of the leaves started to become burned. What is generally considered to be the cause of this?

Nutrient burn I believe flush with water for a few days then start feeding again at half strength and see how it goes if that sorts it out up the nutes a little bit at a time over a few weeks it should sort itself out

I had this problem and I bought a soil tester and it was to much nitrogen…i added blood meal and added to much ,I flushed with ph water for next 2 waterings and add anything but just a teaspoon of kelp and they did approved …but getting the soil tester did help me to resolve this issue and a lot reading …I know that ur problem can be a few other issues but try what I dd see if the newer leaves stop doing this …good luck

Yup, what they said above, almost certainly nutrient burn, maybe PH is making a nutrient too available or even toxic. The only way to know for sure is to test EC/TDS/PPM of the water that runs out of your soil and/or test the PH.

I also have a p.p.m. meter and ph meter and once in a while I test the ph with drop tester to be double sure I calibrate them often …I bet you just ph water let it run out of the bottom a couple times, water good, flush and see what happens with new growth

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