Bunny poo looks like it will work

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I read as much as i could about building soil,tried something new for me!
I found coca-cori rabbit manure mushroom compost.1/2 coca-cori 1/4mushroom compost 1/4
rabbit manure 1 1/2 cup of perlite 1 large tabel spoon of epsonsalts. before adding rabbit manure i boiled it to kill perisites. drained and strand started 2 beans on 6Dec to day the 15 today i have 2 beutys 2 1/2 inches tall 2 sets of leafs looken good! i keep ya poste


Rabbit manure is an awesome amendment.


2 weeks, in strong healthy seedling! I think this coca-cori and bunny poo is going to do the trick.they get bigger ever day happy happy!


My sister gas rabbits in her yard every night in the goodxweather here. I ALWAYS do a rabbit poop cleanup and save before mowing. Thinking of getting a few and really getting some quality/quantity. GREAT ammendment. Especially with mushroom compost. :wink::v::sunglasses::santa::evergreen_tree:

I raise rabbits and always use the poo in my garden. My first indoor grow I have used composted rabbit poo and so far so good. I have prepared my next grow soil and gathered some more pellets.

I raise rabbits for meat and manure. But I dont use the manure directly. I feed the manure to compost worms. I use the resulting vermiculture at 25% to 75% promix. for my seedlings. Worm castings made from rabbit manure are, in my opinion superior. The proof as they say is in the pudding. :slight_smile: