Bumping Up the Hydro Grow Game


Beautiful grow. Really enjoyed your picture progression…keep us posted…happy growing :bat: :rofl:


Hydro Grow is fed by recycling 80 gallons (300L)

“Recycling Bin” with cover … used as water reservoir.

PH and UC checked daily…

Bubbles and UV-C help to keep unwanted bacteria in check & 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Not shown: 1/5hp sub water pump & 50um pre-filter before going to watering rings…


Nice set up! I don’t see many people using a regular drip system on this forum.
I also run a similar system, and its on a platform with the reservoir below also. Not near as nice as yours though. Just finished testing it with plain water to start the second grow with it. This time I am using the clay things also, made the mistake of pea gravel last time, it was full of sand and mud.
I was very happy with the pictured root control disk in the bottom of bucket. The disk slowed down drain in the bottom of the bucket enough to allow flooding up to the overflow tubes. When I reduce the pump volume and cycle time I can do regular drip. When I do long cycle,(30 minutes on), and higher volume I can do flood and drain. This seems to be a very simple and trouble free system.
Since I can start out with doing flood and drain, I hope to germinate a couple seeds, and just drop them in the clay pebbles. I am thinking a flood cycle of every four hours should be a good starting point, never used clay before. What do you think?
Here are the pictures

The bucket with the disk and overflow screen, also the running over flows.


Half the fun is finding out what works. for you…

Do suggest you start seeds in Rockwool plugs/blocks…

Then transfer to Hydo pebbles…

I water: 20 seconds every hour, only during LED lamp on…

18hr on /6hr off

Last grow was Kick-A. … With Just 3 Girls…

Do hand water once a day during the first 2 weeks after planting in Hydro… Just to be sure


Looks great. This got me considering flood and drain again. Ill follow along to see your end result. Wahtbstrain are you growing and why this strain if you dont mind me asking.


Was your previous set up a RDWC?

On my first and last grow with the hydro buckets. I did not use the root control disk, and the roots partially blocked the drain on one of the buckets. So I kinda swerved into running one bucket as as flood and drain, and the other as a a straight drip type during each water cycle. I really couldn’t tell any difference in the two. Just noticed that the flood and drain bucket had more salt residue on the top of it.

Absolutely love the time and detail on this post. Beautiful setup. Hook, line, & watching. :clap:

How do you get to the plants? Side or back walls of tent open?
Awesome set up.

Grow Access ??

Grow Tent is Gorilla Brand Size: 5’x’9’ x 8’ High

Has dual zippered access… So problem…

Individual Tomato Cages Added For: “Manifold Training”

And just because she deserves recognition for her clippings donations that became many many clones…

A GrandDaddyPurple “Bonus Seed” from ILGM…

Started as an afterthought when doing spring planting…


Last posting for a bit…

Nothing will be going on but Manifold Training and Trimming

But here is something worth consider building…

A simple Grow light powered lift system

Use it as a staring point… Lots of ways to do it…

But the 12V DC gear motor (amazon) @ $30 is a key starting point…



Thanks for your updated photo of your grow. Very informative ,like your tags listing what you do…great growing :bat: :rofl:

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All Super Healthy Growth…


10 Days Later!!

Girls need one more heavy trim before Flower

Want 8 strong “Cola’s” per plant… NO. LARF!


Details On My Cutting Rooting Set-up…


Be careful you will need to keep these clones in less humidity than normal. The little buds will mold easily. I have only been able to clone a flowering plant successfully a couple times.
Last spring I was able to get a clone from a plant that was about halfway back into veg, but was dying off. Once the clone took off it had branches going in every direction, and a lot of three finger leaves. It grow into a bush with very little training, and gave me 11.5 ounces of buds.
It is the little plant in soil in the first picture

Anxious to see how you do with this!

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Thanks for the feedback and hints on watching for mold & humidity levels and possible mutant growth of cuttings.

I just figured, when trimming some of the lower growth from plants that have been in 12/12 light for exactly 20 days, why not try an bring them back to “Veg” state. If it took 8 to 12 weeks to get the small cutting back to reasonable sized plants growing in 4” square rockwool blocks, ready for planting in 10-gallon Hydrotron media / drip system, it just might align with the harvesting of doner plants. Figure to see another update on or about Dec 1st…