Bugged out! Help needed

I heard back from the Colorado state hemp pest picture blog. They confirmed it’s an Asian lady beetle.
They said it’s probably eating mites or aphids if it’s all over your plant. But the rub with Asian lady beetles is if they get hungry, they have no problem eating plants too. So they are bug eaters, but omnivorous if they end up with slim pickings. They also like to bite people if handled roughly.

There are definitely worse bugs to have. Be glad the murder hornets have not made a nest of your garden ha.

Anyone can send a pest picture there to be identified and confirmed:


@noddykitty1 Thanks for the info!! I have some pics of my Caterpillars which may not be Caters but more of a cutworm thing? I dunno? Ill have to research at this site…

Thanks. I just looked and there does seem to be a few leaves that have been eaten/picked at. Not the poultry because theyre too high.
Should I just leave them to do their thing?

I think they was talking about if you found or bought mantis eegs, they wouldn’t hatch intime to help.

And yes, ladybirds and ladybugs, they are the exact same thing.

[quote=“Poppypops, post:20, topic:99096”]
Ladybirds and Ladybugs are the same thing. Please elaborate.