Bugs need help first time grower please help

Just opened up my tent and went to water my girl and I noticed the top soil had several fruit flies/knots on the top, is this harmful to my plant and if so how do I fix it??? Please help!!!

Other than that how’s she look everyone???


I use this

I just lightly spray the top of soil, usely one time nips it in the but.
Absolutely any pesticide you may have would work.
You just dont really want to soak the soil down with it but good enough to damp every where.

These ghats can be a sign of over watering.
Not saying you are, but if i get them bad, i will decrease my watering schedule and let the plants dry out more then i normally would.
They dont like dry soil and will die or move along…
Sticky cards of some sort helps also.
I keep one in my pots just incase and it lets me know early on if i see one stuck to the card.

Mosquito bits is another option but it takes a while for it to take effect, but it is organic…


K thank u and this won’t harm my plant bring in flower???

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Can I purchase at any store???

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Not the plant no. .
But do your best not to get any on the buds, its probably not good for you :confused:

I use a peice of papar or a box as a shield.
If plant is small enough, you could stick a trash bag over it just long enough to lightly dampen the top of the soil and then take it off of course

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I got this can at krogers (local grocery store) but anything that says kills flying bugs will have same stuff it in. .

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Just wanted to give you a recommendation on something a lot of people use.

You can buy on Amazon or Lowe’s, Home Depot. Sure other places have it too! Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Sorry to offer contradictory advice. Since you’re in flower already, I’d advise Captain Jack’s Dead Bug as a friendly alternative. Neem oil is fine in veg but CJDB is better for flowering.

I’ve read that permethrin is not great for cannabis because it can be harmful especially when inhaled. Granted, research is limited at best and a one-and-done treatment likely carries little to no risk.

No matter what you choose to use, please do a bud wash before you dry and cure!


Had a good bit of fungus gnats in my tent, from using an organic soil. I just bought and applied mosquito bits for the first time. Waited til I had to water, sprinkled a little on top, then a little soak. Gone after a day.


So sorry I did not realize that you were in flowering! I have also read that Neem oil should not be sprayed on buds! Thanks @Graysin

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See now I’ve noticed in coco here that if I keep it nice and moist always I see no bugs. If they dry out at all then they appear. My understanding of the gnats is the larvae does not like water so when u water they all come shooting up away from where the moisture is to try and hit dry ground as to not drown. Larvae do not hatch from my understanding if the soil is wet or consistent moist now if all this is true I’m not 10p on it yet but it does seem to be close so far that if I keep coco moist always no dry spots I see no bugs at all. If I let them dry out which o do lately. I will start to see a gnat appear here and there. It’s weird. Lol. Hope u all have a wonderful day. I’m ready for a nap again. Had police Infront my crib at 1am because neighbors were fighting again. Lil tiny ass white girl like 5 foot 7 or so maybe 90lbs soaked and wet dates a abig black guy like 66 and bout 285 or so and she drinks Henny and gets brave thinks she is invincible to all. One day I’m gonna happen to slap the shit right out her if she gets lippy with me again. I’m not one to hit a woman matter a fact if I’m driving down the street and seen a dud hit a woman I’m one to stop and get out and go up to the dude and check his ass. I’ve done it before and will again. In hamtramck when I lived there a guy argue with his wife turned into him slapping the shit out her when she hit the ground he jumped on her and punched her in the face. Oh hell no he didn’t not Infront of me. Lol. Went up to dude and told him now u be a man and swing on me like that. He swing missed and got knocked the frick out. His wife or gf was ever so happy when the police showed up was gonna arrest me for knocking him out she said no officer he is the one who helped me. He saved me let him go. They didn’t even ask my name or anything told me have a good day thanks for the help and I scooted lol. Well anywho my neighbor is one who runs her mouth and will get u to the point to wanna slap the shit out of her. Has a mouth of a bad sailor is nothing lady like about her she is ugly and has no heart whatsoever. Lol. Yep that’s how I feel.

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Plant looks great!

Fungus gnats are closely related to fruit flies and they’re part of the compost process. A few isn’t a big deal and proper wet/dry watering should help keep their population in check.

If it’s more than a few I sprinkle some neem seed meal on top of the soil. It’s an organic fertilizer. I use it on my worm farm after feedings.

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You know that actually sounds perfectly logical.
My experience with flys comes from soil wich isn’t watered daily like coco.
But the logic would flow such that if they can’t survive in heavy wetness and coco can handle heavy watering then very well could be something to it…

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Yeah I used some mosquito bits and sticky traps and it seems to be taking care of the problem

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