Buds are dying in first week of flowering

Hello guys, it’s my 8th grow outdoor and it’s the first time am facing such a problem, I have 15 plants outdoor, in pots, different strains, 4 of them are showing signs of trouble, first is my sensi star that became so leafy into 3 week of flowering and there is minimal bud formation, the strange thing though is that the clone I took from her is doing fine so its not genetics.
My LSD strain started flowering about 3 weeks ago and about 7 days ago the pistils on the bud started to die and look like completely burned, and she seem heading same road as the sensi star, here is a picture of the event

And also I have a strange thing happening on a 8miles high plant, only 1 branch of the plant is showing the same symptoms described above, pistils and early bud formation that is completely burned here are some pictures:
Burned part

Good part

These 2 pictures are from the same plant

Could anyone help or have any idea of what’s happening
I have another plant strawberry banana that looks like heading down that way too

Please advise

You may want to thin the leafy plant out for airflow, looks like the start of bud rot. Is the area soft and gewy, I don’t grow outdoors and have never experienced this so let me call in some heavy wright’s that grow out doors
@Hogmaster @Willd
These guys should be able to advise you further

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I don’t see any issues they look great to me

I see no issues as well… everything looks good

Second look n zoom. U mean browing pistils? I think they do that naturally

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There is definetly an issue there guys, and it’s surely not bud rot as I experienced it before and there is noway that this is it, and it’s too early in the flowering too have it.
All the pistils are burnt and almost shaved like in the LSD, in the 8 mile high its only 1 bud that is showing that,
I will try to take closer shots tomorrow morning, I watered them tonight and borrowed an checked the pH, I am not confident in the accuracy of the pH meter (the one u plug into the soil directly), but it seems there is a difference in pH in the healthy flowering plants and the one showing burn signs, 5.5 for the healthy and 6.5 or 7 for the problematic ones, so I am guessing that if the pH meter is off by 1 degree less than the actual pH, so meaning 6.5 for the healthy plants and 7.5 or 8 for the ill ones, does that make any sense to you guys

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Yes that makes perfect sense. And i believe you leaves would be showing deficiencies with a swing like that. I see the pistils do look dark n shriveled. No idea what that could be. Hopefully a pro or two chimes in before long. Im intrigued now. What are your temps and average humidity running?

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Here is a picture of my peyote critical that is doing amazingly and had pH reading of 5.5 (supposedly if the phmeter is wrong as am thinking to be 6.5)

As you can see minimal brown pistils, and it been 5 weeks into flowering, no shaved buds, good leaves/Calix ratio, buds are bulking up

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @garrigan62 do you see something that I am not go up 8 :arrow_up: To the top

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@Marcos666 did you get a before nightfall photo? @Countryboyjvd1971 i really hope he just caught the pistils browning. A perfect timing type of photo. If u zoom on the brown pistils they are brown halfway down. Looks… kinda burnt off. N thats thru photo. I can imagine worse in person.

Anyway. Pistils are usually brown OR white. Never see them in mid drift. Let alone alot of them… may not be reasob to worry. But different

My girl startd flowering 7/19. First pistils. N has alot more ambers. But the fact that they are halfway thru it looks freaky.

Sorry I’m late to the party, but I see nothing wrong here. Nice grow plants look awesome


Okay guys am right next to the girls and we are gonna have a small photo shoot,
First the whole plant:

The Right top bud is the one that has problems

Now the healthy bud formation:

Now the ill ones:

Is it clear enough??
What is mind bogelin me that it’s on the same plant, and she is not showing any other symptoms on her leaves or anywhere else

Now to show the other very weird thing I encountered, the sensi star that is so leafy and minimal bud formation with similar signs of burned off bud formation:

I know u can’t see anything and that’s the problem…

So this was the mother plant
Now am gonna show you the clone I took from her:

Very normal, no excess leaves, what do u think was the differentiating factor, I super cropped the mother plant, and nutes were about the same, so I really don’t know what triggered theses differences…

Get a scope that will zoom x 100 and look for broad russet mites… they are a lil smaller then a tricom tip… tiny lil fu^?ers…
Hope you dont find them… good luck my friend… :wink:



The tiny leaves are sign of slightly too much N and the leaf damage is likely a pest of some sort or just leaf tears but they look very healthy :slight_smile:

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After all n all the conclusion I came down to is that probably I’ve been overnuting the ladies lately and the first signs were the pistils becz they might be more fragile then the other parts of the plant, this conclusion is reinforced by the fact that I saw today for the first time slight signs of overnuting on the leaves, I’ll post some pics tomorrow to confirm with you guys. BTW I was alternating watering and feeding and since am watering every 2 days and sometimes every 1 day they were being fed with nutrients approximately every 3 days at full dose which is a lot I think :grin:
Let’s hope for the best and I’ll keep you updated, meanwhile here is a Pic of the current gem of my crop the peyote critical that looks amazing and super frosty

Alright guys, I have a good and a terrible news, first I found out what is my problem, second it’s russet mites… It’s my first encounter with them,. Or at least first time I actually recognize them, from the readings I did abt them ait seems that its a very bad prognostic, those little fkrs are very hard to get rid off, and I need to treat my whole. Crop bcz it’s too late to. Quarantine anything now, saw same symptoms. On 1 bud of my og candy, the sensi star problem of not flowering is also russet mites and the strawberry Bana seem affected also but to a lesser degree.
This said anyone has so sure solution to get rid of them without harming my babies, as you saw no leaf or vegetative damage but all my girls are flowering and I cannot avoid spraying the buds, they are literally only inside the buds, no glossy leaves, nthg, just dying buds. Are any of the organic insecticides any good???
Thanks for your help n advices and to the fellow growers that pointed out the russet mites problem, it can so easily be misdiagnosed or confused for a nuts or pH problem,.
BTW as a first measure I clipped out all the damaged parts I could see on the plants, but am sure it’s not enough and they already have infiltrated many plants even if can’t see the damage yet :… (

There is a product called (green cleaner) that you can use up to the day of harvest with no I’ll effects… it’s just a lil pricey… I use it on a regular basis in veg and half way through flower if need be as a preventative maintenance program… got some clones from a friend one time and those lil f’ers came with… luckily I caught it while they were still in the dome… But every since then … no more clones from anybody and I always spray once every 2 weeks just incase…
Sorry my friend , hopefully you can still bring them to harvest… I would not take any clones from them … they will be infected as well… :wink:
You could also dust them with (sulfur) but you will have to wash it off after a couple of days and repeat…


Well definetely am bringing them to harvest, I won’t have it any other way :grin:
So b4 yesterday I spent 5 hours clipping and spraying with “phyto soap” that is purely organic and should help control and deterre them from spreading, I have already 3 plants that are near finish, abt 1 more month to go, actually am very surprised how early they abt to be done, first time I have smthn ready mid September,
As for the rest I will apply by spray a chemical acaricidal product, that has a half life of 5-6 days and another 5-6 days for its metabolites, with the girls having 2 months 2 finish I think it will be more than enough for the chemicals to totally break down, and I might give my buds a wash at harvest time, let me know if you have any other ideas

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I believe I read where you figured it out by over fertilizing. I was just going to say I had the same problem on my last indoor grow and it turned out I was giving them too much P&K. Without the presence of nitrogen the leaves just stay dark green and everybody had a theory of why all my buds were dying below the top of the plant. So far all if you ever have this problem again quit fertilizing flush often and hopefully they will recover.