Bud worms found while trimming

I found tiny white worms in my buds while trimming. Is there anyway to get rid of them other than spreading each bud & picking them out? They are about the size of a grain of rice and didn’t see them until they were about dry.

Protein, lol. The burrow in your buds. Their any rot?

No rot. Just gross

Do you have a picture?

Are they in your harvested buds?

Not my picture. But they look like this. These were called hemp borers but the ones I had were in the buds. Didn’t see them until final trim. Plants looked healthy before that.

That’s nasty… no advice other than ewwww


I agree. Yuk!

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wow…finding them would ruin anyones day. should be able to pick them off I guess. Gonna need a bud wash

Little late at this point but next time spray with BT.
Bacillus thuringiesis.


Been battling the Bugs and caterpillars for a bit now, yes its dishearting this close to harvest. I have rot it gross.

Any suggestions on what to do to prevent this next year would be appreciated. I bought ladybugs & have had a lot of them. On my plants. Used blackstrap molasses & did spray neem oil earlier in the summer but didn’t continue to spray because everything looked fine. All the stems & roots have been burned. Been growing for a few years in Michigans upper peninsula and this is the first time I’ve seen these.

Been spraying Montery BT and Captin Jacks dead bug rotating between the two, in a 4 day cycle when needed. When chopped doing bud wash on them before hanging. Just below the bridge troll here.

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This is off topic Bentstick but what type of bow you shoot?

I shoot a crossbow, Excalibur Phinox (sp), shoulders are pretty wrecked from 35 ish yrs of trimming out houses. Before that it was High country Machined supreme and various recurves. My son shoots a Mathews. Will be taking first week of Oct off, and then a couple weeks in Nov, time to refill freezers. Shoot straight fellow hunters.

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I shoot recurve Red Wing Hunter 2 and a Bear Grizzly.


Aim strait good luck out there and be safe.
Retired union carpenter.