Bucket systems! who's the man to talk to about them on here?

Hi guys and possibly some gals to

I’ve recently ordered a 21L x 10 DWC system with 9inch ait’s in each bucket - comes with a decentish pump to, and i got them to make the whole thing recirculate which i just found out it didn’t do already! dopey me.
Anyway, just looking for tips and tricks, nutrient advice because I’m a total noob, this is my first set up and i really want to go for it.

I have the fox farm bloom flower and… whatever the other one is. Not sure if these are usable on a hydro grow?
so any and all advice HUGELY APPRECIATED.

also safety… electric over water is sketchy stuff. Safety advice and precautions are great to.

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@Donaldj @ktreez420
Are two very good hydro growers
Fox Farms is very good as long as you have the hydro formula …
Happy growing friend
I taged them for you …theyll pop in and help out there great guys


I use fox farms hydro formula for my 2 dwc buckets. Also ph, ph, ph is so important for dwc

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much appreciated my man.

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For sure we love to help here and theres like 100’s of years of experience here :smile::smile::smile:


i wonder if they have ph meters that sit in the buckets… so you can just read it every 12-24 hours… or even better one that beeps if it goes too far in either direction!! that’s a million dollar idea if its not already invented - il accept 10% royalties for anyone who makes um.

Like an undecisive melon i bought fox farm for soil which i originally planned to use…
what would you say are the absolutely essential fox farm nutes (or ideally names of their use eg cal mag ect) because fox farm is a bit of a bitch to get where i live.

On the plus side… great white rooting powder works with hydro!!! thank the tits for that.

the community kicks ass man, post a question and boom! 5 - 10 mins max and you know what to do :smiley:
pictures are a nono for me though, which i would love to post but its just not worth the risk unless its a disease or something worrying i dont think.

Sometimes it takes longer to get a response due to the fact that everyone here are from different parts of the world, but most of the time you’ll get knowledge help pretty quick. As for the pictures, that’s understandable, not from a leagal state? I am from Oklahoma, but I’m a rebel and will be till the day I die haha
Keep us posted and if you need anythin or have questions don’t be afraid to ask. Good luck growin


Not from a L… country… i mean, if it was the worst timing ever, and i got what i hope to get out of my babies… and they decided to make an example… could be pretty efing bad, so safety first.
Rebel for life, little shit in school and such i bet haha we would have no doubt got along well.
Anyways, thanks again hawk - peace dude


Ah I see now, anyway it’s all good brother. Holler if you need anything

You can still convert system to recirculate you just have to do some plumbing. What brand of nutrients you use is less important than sticking to the basics starting ppm very low keeping water temps cooler than 72f and ph in proper range close to 5.8 ±.3
I think we all use different nutrients and combinations of additives but adhere to simple slow start work your way up thinking with AIT grids it’s very important you have a strong pump. If your house water has high or moderate ppm/tds use RO or even rain water snow melt. Seeds are better started in rockwool or rapid rooters outside of units until roots are coming out of pods


yo dude, just wondering about ballasts… i’'ve got 2 heavy assed plastic ones… now the last thing i want is to put them on the floor or hanging from the leads for obvious reasons.
Do you think putting them on top of the tent and having the leads come through would be a good idea?
the way i see it, they’d be getting nice coldish air compared to the boiling hot inside of the tent :slight_smile: so my logic is sound… but is this safe? what do you all do?

another thing… i can’t, for the life of me figure out how the hell to attach these flaming yoyo hangers to the reflector! i have… a hook with a screw end, and a closed loop with a flat screw end to it - and 2 little screws. (X4 of them)
No idea what they are for… because the reflector only has 2 holes in it, like a cut out door basically, with the bottom a part of the reflector. Then 2 holes in the “door”
now… the screws dont fit the holes, so one presumes you use that to hold the hook on… but its impossible to screw the bottom on!! so frustrating - am i just being dopey?

Mine aren’t the plastic ones, and I have mine sittin on my extra stealth grow box that I’m currently not using. I’m not sure how well that would work or not work

I use 15’ lamp cords for my shades so can basically screw ballasts to wall in room if needed anywhere but a simple block of wood will get them off floor of tent to keep them higher than any spills

I think i’ve got it… kind of perfect really. Simple chair outside the tent, extension lead is cable tied to the side roof bar, and they can sit outside the tent on the chair :slight_smile:
Everyone seems to have them inside the tent… seems mad to me, is there any reason for this?

mine are in space to add warmth others may do so to reduce noise or keep them discrete also many kits only come with short lamp cords

My apollo 600w came with a long @$# cord

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i got a cheapy grow kit and the cords are 2-3 m :smiley:

No problem, just may need an extension cord lol