Bubbler recommendations

If this isnt allowed or there is a better place I’m sorry. But I have a gravlabs small bubbler that was 60 bucks and could be better. Any bubbler recomendations?

I have the Grav Upline upright bubbler. I love it! My only complaint is the hole you draw through is a little small, probably on purpose for the Venturi effect to cool it a little as it goes into your mouth. So it sounds like you’re sucking on a straw to an empty cup when you clear it, but other than that, it rocks. Besides it, I love my little cheapo hand blown one from the head shop, too.


I’ve been getting scratchy throat using a spoon pipe recently. So I’m trying to use water filtration. I need something smaller and easy to clean.


My little one is kind of a pain to clean. There are some spots that you have to bend a pipe cleaner just so to get at them. I use a smojo filter in it to help keep from sucking so much into it. But, that’s probably what you’d be most comfortable/familiar with if you’re used to a spoon. And they’re cheap!

Have you looked into vaporizers? They typically make it a bit smoother, too, but it’s a little different high. A small bong would be a good option, too. A couple more pieces to work with, but an even smoother hit, and probably the easiest to clean if you get glass as opposed to acrylic or silicone.

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I have a da buddha and a pax2.

I got it! You should get a hammer bubbler, something like:

That’d be easier to clean, less nooks and crannies, water filtration, and small enough. :+1: