Bruce Banner strain

OK so I purchased the hero pack and started my seedlings and everything went well. All popped up in a proper time and all grew well. As they got larger I noticed that the Bruce Banner had some rather wide fingers on the leaves and a nice dark green color. I didn’t think to much of it. But the more I think about it the more I wonder if there was a mistake in packaging. I’m new to growing indoors but not new to growing. I’m almost 58 and I’ve been around grows outside since I was young and I’ve just have to say these are so indica looking. To top it off my Skywalker OG’s seem really sativa like.
Anyway if anyone can help set my concerns straight or if anyone has some pictures of a Bruce Banner plant that fits my description I surely would appreciate it.

Skywalker og has decent amount of sativa from its Mazar genes and I’ve also had sativas dominants with large leaves( not as large as my kushs tho). Wait until they go into flower skywalker terps came out lemony and Bruce banner should have a hint of strawberry

OK thanks, I’ve not seen anyone else’s Bruce Banner plants that look like mine on this site or any other really. They are beautiful plants though so even if there not BB there going to be great. Anyway They are on week 5 of flower, I’ll give them a sniff when I get home.

Tried to upload a picture, apparently haven’t figured out how yet.

I have 2 ILGM BB autos finishing up now-1 drying and the other will be chopped Saturday. These plants have been total opposites since they broke ground. One has thin, sativa looking leaves and is very light in color. The other has thick fingered leaves and is as dark as any cannabis plant I’ve ever seen. The only similarity between the two is that they both grew to the exactly the same height. They smell totally different, as well as having different bud shape and texture. As different as they are, I really can’t complain about either plant. Both were a relatively easy grow, and both have produced a satisfying amount of thick, dense buds. I’m really looking forward the smoke, it won’t be long now!

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This shows what should be my Bruce Banner There is also two Black Widows to the left and right of it.

I’ve grown 4 bb ilgm autos over the last few months. Two grew tall and skinny. Two grew dense and bushy. I guess simply genetics. The plus is all produced dynamite knock you back smoke. The bushy ones had bigger buds and colas

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Looks like they’ve gotten a lot of nitrogen. Tell us a little about your grow. What kind of soil, or coco? What nutrients are you using? Do you know the pH of the water or nutrient solution your feeding them?
It’s totally normal to have wide variations of phenotypes within the same strains. I often grow a few of the same plants and have some show more Sativa traits and others more Indica. Once they’re mixed, you can get anything.

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Happy frog soil, ph low 6’s, earth juice “grow” 17-8-17. Viparspectra P2000 light