Bruce Banner Deficency

Have this defiency in my Banners. seedbank ILGM

PH 6, Nuts anywhere from 1.5 ec up to 2.2

Room temps range from 18c to 26c

Grown in coco.

Have several rooms from Led to Hps and glasshouse, all plants showing same problem.

Have hit them with PK, Cal mag, flushed and problem remains. Today i hit them with EC calcinet nitrate at EC 2.5, just one plant.

This is one of my mothers so don’t want to clone untill i sort this out. Have cloned prior and they carried the same problem.

I just battled the same thing. Try adding some Epsom salt into your feed. I don’t know the ec to ppm but you should be about 600-800 ppm

Just did another flush with ph 6, run off was ph 4.5, then again with ph 7 run off = =6, fetrilized at 6ph with 2.2 ec .

Don’t know how i missed the low ph a week ago.

Hopefully this will sort it. Will post an update in a week

Hi Hornhead,

I add a mixture of MG sulfate and MG nitrate. Hydro obsorbs mg nitrate better than mg sulfate which is epson salts.

Do you mean 600 to 800ppm of epson salts added to the nutrient which could be say 1500 ppm

600 ppm using tds = 1.2ec

Cheers for your reply it all helps.

Hungry plants. Assuming your TDS meter is reading correctly you are experiencing a lockout (also assuming proper nutrients), that means your PH is off.

1.5 to 1.6 EC (700 to 800 ppm) is ideal for veg. There are exceptions: if you are running very high PPFD and CO2 you will have to increase drastically your feeding regimen. If normal ambient then I’m thinking a PH lockout and to calibrate your PH meter.


You nailed it, Thats exactly whats happening.

Thanks for a great reply.