Bruce banner auto please some advice

5 week old plant
Great Lakes water only soil
Pride lands bloom
3 gallon pot
Does this plant look ok?


They’re flowering. Some leaves seem to be showing possible phosphorus deficiency at this point maybe? Need to adjust nutrients when they flower.

I’m no expert and I’m sure others will chime in!

Should I add more of the bloom? Been giving it half of what’s recommended to them to start

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I cant answer that. I recently switched to “top dressing” my soil with dry nutrients and am trying this Gaia Green blend.

Probably need to keep an eye on pH levels as well! ESPECIALLY with the FF Trio nutes. I battled pH so much with that, and found the grow big was casuing some severe salt lock.

Im also new and a dumb panda lmao

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I REALLY hope however your brucie turns into “purple hulk”. I grew some ILGM brucie autos myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Are you checking your ph and run off numbers when you feed may need to increase your bloom

Ph is about 6-6.5… they say not to water the water only soil to runoff… but I did only give half of what’s recommended of the bloom. So next feeding I will give the plants the recommended amount