Bruce and the gorilla girls

The seeds broke soil on march 13th. Germinated in 3 days in coco pellets. They are in the middle of week 3. Started with a little ponytail training to get those branches to take off. In about a week i will top and begin heavy training. :muscle:

Note: the two in the square pots are autos from ilgm. The 1 gorilla in the small pot is a photo and this seed came from a stash of seeds I’ve had for a couple years now. I grew a gorilla glue 4 outdoor and in the last couple weeks she started to hermi and i got about 100 pluss seeds. Been giving them to friends and family that want to try growing. So far no male seeds but i could be jinxing myself haha. That 1 is going outdoor in the ground in about a month. Going to gradually bring her out a couple hours a day to get used to the sun.

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looking good. Be careful going in and out with the girls, be on the lookout for pesky pests


Caterpillars are my worst foe. But i had built a cube out of pvc and put bug netting all around. I’ll do that again this year. It helped but i lost the battle to bud rot. :cry:. Late harvest in the beginning of November and was hit with rainy mornings followed by hot muggy afternoons.

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That is a sad outcome. bummer bud rot

They’re growing up so fast. :cry:
Going to top them and start training today.

Also these 2 broke soil this morning. These are random seeds i find in jars from the shop. Some are in original jars and there’s a few im not sure of. Idk if you can read the tag but the from 1 to the right im calling dube tube. It was a seed i put in a joint case like 5 years ago. Its been sitting in a drawer forgotten about until a week ago.

Training day for the girls. Besides the photo she can sit there. But topped both autos Bruce and gorilla got the fan leaves tucked. And ponytailed to expose more light. I take those off at night. Put them back on for the day. After the branches come out in the next couple days I’ll stop the ponytail and start to prune it up a bit. I really want to try mainline and manifold training. Was going to transplant the photo into a 10 gal bag and put her out side in a couple weeks. Then I’ll start her training.


The autos bounced back from the topping. So i started training and tying down this past week. And the gorilla glue 4 photo i tried to mainline or is this manafolding.? Going to build a scrog for her soon. How do i base the size of the scrop for the plant? I want to top each branch in a week or so. Got more clones going from all these plants.
Gg4 photo (transplanted to a 10 gal fab bag)

Bruce banner

Gorilla glue

The 3 in the back are from the gg4 photo.
2 on the left are gg4 auto
2 on the right are Bruce auto


My head is spinning with all these ladies. They all look great.


interesting technique with the ponytail method. i have never heard of it but i am going to try it

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Haha Thanks. I just moved the 2 Bruce clones to bigger pots. They took root pretty fast. The other clones are still standing so I’ll keep spraying them.

I only heard of it a couple months back this was my first time trying it. It helped a bit with bushing the plant and getting it to branch out. I did this during the second week. Put it on for the day and take it off at night. I got this roll of velcro brand garden ties from home depot for like 4 bucks. Its super light weight.


Getting bigger and bigger. The Bruce banner auto started her preflower sites. The gorilla auto is still in veg mode growing strong. With the gorilla in the 10 gal pot in still training. I’ve been waiting 4 days maybe they train more. Going to wait until the branches hit the rim then top all branches back a couple nodes and let her split into 8 and restart the training. First time with this training method so :man_shrugging: if I’m doing it right but i can’t wait to see what she turns into in the next couple months before i flip her. Hopefuly by then i can get a better light. Or well I still don’t know if I’m going to throw her outdoor for flowering. Use the sunlight. I got a few other plants but I’m not sure their origin. Random seeds i find in jars from the club. Haha.

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Cleaned the tent up a bit and put the girls in there. The 2 autos. And they’re in flower. The Bruce is a week into flower and the gorilla looks like it’s still in veg. Going to start bruce on a flowering tea soon and a top feeding of fish bone meal. Going on the end of week 6 for both.



And the gorilla glue 4 photo.

I want to top each of the branches but idk.