Browning tips! EVERYTIME

I appreciate the tag!! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Everyone beat me to it, you got some great advice from some of the best!

Coco is not soil and should not be treated that way. Make sure coco remains moist and you are watering in at a hydro ph level and you’ll be golden!


Looking pretty good, still got the tiniest of burnt ends like minuscule, not worried about that really but the extra neon yellow new growth on the GG is new for me what could that be, it’s not your typical new growth bright colour either it’s lighter then the picture shows

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New growth will have a lighter green in the beginning, chlorophyll production through photosynthesis will occur naturally darkening those leaves :love_you_gesture:

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UPDATE!!! Probably 3 - 4 weeks since pistils
Not sure why the zkittles is so slow but its seems like growth and flower production has been at this level for 2 weeks whilst the gorilla glue has kept putting on size
Ph water to 6.2 and I’m using terra aquatica tripart, using the flowering stage dosage on the bottle
It runs at about 950ppm

Is it normal for leaves to turn like this during flowering and how much more size can they put on

Cheers legends


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@Low @Borderryan22 @OGIncognito

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I appreciate the tag man, they look good and healthy. Two different strains will have different growth rates, some will get huge and some just don’t. It’s probably nothing you’re doing wrong.
Looks like you’re just starting to get into the bulk of things.
6.2 is kinda low for soil and it’s slightly high for coco but not outside of its range. What are you growing in? How’s the runoff look?

I just read up and refreshed my memory. You’re in coco and you should be golden. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

Yea sweet I’ll check run off next feeding
I was running 5.9 but bumped it up a week ago because I seen some grow diaries that were ramping up ph to 6.4 by the end of flower

The plant in these pics looks heavy on the nitrogen. What PPMs are you feeding at. Sometimes you’ll get a strain that’s sensitive to the normal 850-1000 PPMs. For coco stay in the range of 5.8-6.2 :love_you_gesture:

Ppms 900-1000
I will dial back the nitrogen nutrients
I’m using terra aquatica tripart grow micro and bloom
The strain is GG which I thought was a pretty dark green leaf anyway so wasn’t to concerned

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