Brownie made from Vaporized MJ

Does anyone have a recipe using the leftover MJ from your vaporizer? I’ve made brownies from the vaporized MJ twice and both times have turned out really good. The trouble is I’m guessing on how much to put in? The first batch I made was really strong, I had a TOO BIG OF A PIECE. I had a movie reel going in fast motion before my eyes and I couldn’t catch up and other weird happenings. I will never eat that much again. So, if any of you have experimented with this and know how many teaspoons for each batch, please let me know. You can’t measure it by grams because it doesn’t weigh enough. I think I’ve put about a Tablespoon in the last batch, not sure how much I put in the first batch, way too much.


I use the Magical Butter Machine and test it starting with a single teaspoon. Once I find out how many teaspoons I need to get a buzz, I find a recipe that has that much butter in each piece. If I were just adding my vaporizer leftovers, I would test them the same way. Once I knew how many teaspoons, that’s what I would add to each piece. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Yesterday I made a batch of black walnut blonde brownies and put all the vaporized residue in, 4 teaspoons worth. I decided it didn’t matter how much MJ you put in, just adjust the size pieces you cut. I cut these in 1" squares, just tried one. Will let you know later if they can be cut bigger.


I’m an old granny and make these for medical reason, migraine headaches and restless leg syndrome. One bite(1") will calm my restless legs immediately using the 4 teaspoon to a batch of brownies, I made mine from scratch but it’s equal to a box mix. You don’t get a high from one bite, just the relief I needed. The brownies are delicious, hard not to eat them.