Brown flowers overnight?

Hey folks. I’m nearing the start of week 8 for my LSD indoor grow and I noticed that overnight two of my buds turned very brown.

For reference, here is an unaffected bud and the whole garden.

Trichomes are just about 50/50 clear vs milky (I see very few amber) and I’m starting my flush today.

What gives with these buds? Are they dead or just more aggressively colored? Still okay to dry and smoke? Are other buds at risk?

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No need for a support ticket, Bud rot!


Buds turning brown like that is not good at all, usually mold or budrot. Don’t want to smoke that, get rid of it. Whats the humidity in your grow tent?


Cut those off carefully and throw away. You need to inspect every bud. As @AAA said it looks like bud rot. Its full of spores, bee super careful but get them out of there.

For this to occur the humidity must be above 65rh with poor air circulation in tent. Keep temp and humidity down going forward and get that air in there moving better.

Just my .02


Ah crap. That’s what I was afraid of. Removing them now (with a plastic bag over them to prevent spores from leaking).

It’s been rainy here and now it’s warm out, so it’s more hot and humid than usual. I’ll increase the fresh air circulation as well.

Thanks all. Hopefully it doesn’t spread further. :frowning_face:


Good luck!:crazy_face: keep us in the loop.


Bummer dude. Sorry for your loss


One of the sacrificial buds. It’s so pretty though! Look at that purple. I’m so excited to harvest this thing in a couple days. :heart_eyes:

Did you open it up?? That bud looks fine. What are you calling brown there?

It’s brown and moldy on the other side. The infection was in the center of this bud so I cut the whole thing off just to be safe.

Yea, its always worse inside. That one does look sweet too… damn shame.

Yeah… it just makes me more excited for the rest of the harvest though! This bud had about 5-10% amber on it so I’m thinking I’ll do another couple days of flush, then 48 hours of dark, then cut.

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Thats how i roll, 10% ambers come along and i flush a week and harvest. I adjust some based on the specifics but thats the baseline for sure

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Just finished harvest yesterday! I had one or two more small cases of bud rot but the rest seemed good. I made sure to give them a good peroxide bath to try to get rid of anything that might have been lingering.

Here’s the post-cut view of the garden.

Got some really nice buds! Filled up an entire WeDryer XL with the flowers too.

Thanks for all the help everyone!


Well done!!