Brown Crusty Leaves!

I’ve been battling this brown leaves since infancy. Granddaddy Purple Autos. All 4 have been together under 2 LEDs. This run has been ROUGH.

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Looks like they eat them selfs to death nearly :flushed:
What kinda feeding schedule did you give them?
Looks like you at the end so not sure if ya can do much about it now other then try to understand what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again…

Basically I wait until the soil dries out then I water / feed. This is my second run ever. I try to read the leaves and feed accordingly. On only two plants, the brown spots badly form in and around all the leaves since seedlings and eventually die but only on two of the four plants. The other 2 have been great. They all get the same feed / water schedule (wait for dry soil / reading leaves.) Could it be light burn?

If ur in soil then sound like u do okay on waiting til dry before watering again unless u wait too long. What’s the pH number going into the plants with the ppm numbers. Ur not overfeeding them are you. I had mad issues with my GDP auto also but my bad was it being a small smalll plant. Autos should be fed at really no more than 1000 ppm going into plant they feed light unlike photo type plants I’d try and pluck off all the dead leaves that r working ways into the bud meat of the plants. The leaves die and can turn stuff moldy from the death of the leaf being there. Can cause major issues. I’d try and pluck out the yellow and brown leaves to avoid any kind of issues with mold mildew or rot