Brittle buds any suggestions?

This past weekend I harvested a blueberry auto and amnesia haze auto and for drying I hung in rack off the shower rod after four days of drying the stems cracked indicating ready to cure in jars they both taste in smoke well both you know your smoking after one hit just the buds are so dry and brittle it concearns me even though they smoke well are there methods to induce a little moisture so they just don’t crumble in your hands?. Thanks

Could be airy buds. We’re they dense when harvested.

If you don’t have bovida packs, I’ve used sliced apple or celery


They were. Very dense when harvested

So just stick a slice of apple and the buds will suck the moisture out ? Thanks

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I use pieces of corn tortilla. It puts the moisture right back at a fair rate…some use orange peels, but they contain more moisture so they rehydrate the buds very quickly, i like the tortillas better. Theyll be dry and wanna break once they have done their job, then simply discard. Leave in for a few hours at a time till the buds are moist enough.


I used orange peels, they were very thin ones. They got very brittle and dry then a few days later they absorbed some of the moisture back and buds were perfect.


Those brittle buds are no good! Send all of them to me, I know how to make them go away forever.



Have you jarred them for a few days, yet?

Yes it’s been 3 days now

And no change in brittleness? That’s a bummer. They still smoke ok, though?

I jar my buds before they get branch-snapping dry b/c I fear brittle buds.

Yes they smoke fine not even to fast just worried about longevity

Those boveda packs are supposed to help. They won’t necessarily fix the brittle buds, but they’ll help keep your jar humidity steady.

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Worst case make keif