Bringing plants to the outside

What if I take my W.W.A. 7 weeks starting to flower out of tent and into the sun? The reason is I don’t have the proper lighting in tent ,for flowering.I am worried about doing this because I live in South Florida very hot and humid.


Welcome to the forum @ftrup let me call in a fl grower to help u out. it can be done and @FloridaSon is probably the grower to help you out… getting-stoned

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I did just that last summer and it worked fine. Protect your girls with spinosad once a week or the bugs will get them. Just make sure they get enough water if it’s hot. Maybe a little bit of shade cloth at midday if they start to look fried.

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Thanks for the info that is a great idea about closing some of the tent . I will do next grow if I don’t get the lights figured out. Because of my situation I whant too stay with LED.Seems like the2nd generation LED might work.I am also getting a light meater to see what’s up. Thanks again I will post what happens with my11 ladies.

Sorry it took me so long to respond. Connection problems.

Gradually move them into the direct Sun. Increase your time per day by an hour or two until she can take all day.

@S.FloridaSwampman is down near you. @Budbrother is in central FL with me and @Rick3 , but he’s on the Gulf Coast.


that crowd keeps getting bigger and bigger


I pulled two out of my garage tent,and into the s.fl sun.I am only using the last 5 hours of sunset. They are are doing just ok,but I am dumbfounded because the sisters in the tent are doing far better. Monday I received 3 300 watt cobs and to my surprise they are white. I mean white in color and made the tent go from burpell today. Even with the 3 1000 bestvas on. The plants in the tent are into 10 days of flower. Here are the pictures of the tent grow what do you guys think is my best options. The guys think I don’t have the proper amount of watts and I agree in

principal and their knowledge. This is my first grow and being in HOA I would prefer to tent grow until Florida can get there shit straight. I really respect your input to my little delema.


My home is triangulated by sheriffs, so I’m an indoor FL guy hahaa.


In Florida you have to be stealthy.You have a nice setup. I think I got greedy going with a10 foot tent but ladies are happy.

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Isn’t that what really matters, happy plants.

The cat liter container is my DIY humidifier to combat the dry AC air getting pumped in above.

  • I added in arrow with descriptions above

I saw that and thought it was a carbon filter. I have my house air also being pulled into tent and the air is dry. Never saw your system before. My humidity is from 40 to 50 percent. As you know living in Florida that’s good compared outside.

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My house humidity is around 50RH. I have the house at 76F and the tent AC set to 70F. I have to pump in additional AC, making the tent 32RH. I had to make a humidifier to get the RH up. Although, later on, 32RH it’s great in later flowering.

The house AC keeps the water reservoir cool. This delivers additional cooling to the gals, along with the humidity.

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My grow during the day goes up to 90 deg.I know I should run another ac,but wife is still pissed about the hole inside of kitchen cabinet wall. Anyway the plant’s are happy,but will see what happens into the flowering phase. It might bite me in the butt.Do you have something growing know?

? Haze - Heather
? Indica - Izzy

Nice looks like one is getting early training.I like the humidifier you made and that it’s helping with temperature.I will be making one.The plant’s I placed outside I think are in a adjust mode for now.I am looking forward to what they do compared to their sisters in the tent.I looked at some of your previous posts.Very nice buds.

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Welcome to the site, for solid advice. Everyone has given you good advice. I live in Davie, Fl, but there are two things to ponder with going outdoor. You wrote that you are surrounded in a triangular geometrical pattern of Pigs/Cops. The main issue is as they mature it can really send a scent with an gulfstream breeze. On a different note, we have finally started setting into the every afternoon thunderstorms. If you can transition it to the sun in the Morning as it rises, then you can expedite the transition. Patience is paramount, so be hypervigilent watching your leaves. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask. I can tell you what strains to grow year round, and the season’s to plant certain strains. Welcome/talk later. Floridason tagged me, yet I do not even know how to perform the function. Technology deficient by choice. I prefer allocation of free time to other endeavors. Have a good Afternoon


I am looking forward learning how to scrog like Budbrother.I didn’t know you can have autos buds like that. I live in N.Hutchinson now but funny you live in Davie l am a Cooper city cowboy class of 79. In the future I whant too grow only in tent. This is all new to me.


@S.FloridaSwampman I’m the one surrounded by pigs. That’s why I tent grow, but I do have 1 plant outdoors. Absolutely, that smell travels on the wind.

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