Breeding Curiosity

Can you breed a regular seed/plant pollen to a feminized seed/plant flower?

pollen will mate with any female plant, whether it be feminized photo, feminized auto, or regular female, a male will pollenate anything it can…


Thank you for the awesome information.
I have often wondered about this. Now i know.

Yup but remember.
Male pollen + any female = regular seeds
Feminized pollen + any female = fem seeds

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@PurpNGold74 hi,
So how does one get feminized pollen?

Colloidal silver is one way. Apply it to early flowering ladies and it makes them grow male parts. The pollen is viable but the plant becomes unsmokable

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Male + female = seeds (50/50)

Hemie (is a female that has produced male parts asexually) + female = feminized but it’s important to note it takes a lot more than that to get top level seeds. That’s just the first generation and might not quite have what most would call “feminized” female to male germination ratios. I think most are either 90% or above or 95% and above depending on source.


@PurpNGold74 I’ve read about the Collidal Silver technique. I only looked at doing regular seeds because of the strain I really enjoy isn’t made any more.

Once I found out the one parent strain isn’t sold anymore, I gave up the idea growing regular seeds. I even wrote the company explaining that there is a market for killer CBD strains. Still no dice.

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@PurpNGold74 , im going to look into this further. I just might need some for myself, lol.
I have always heard if you get seeds off a dominant female, with having a couple male sacks (hermaphrodite) these seeds will all be female?? Any truth to this?

and thats liable to be 50/50 males and females give or take??
you and @PurpNGold74 are bringing back some old thoughts/information…

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Yea… if u think about it… regular seeds is selling ur patent. Not a good business model. Feminized seeds are the goto for breeders


@PurpNGold74 I only buy Fem seeds for this very reason. Now if I could get both parent strains of Tora Bora I would get regular seeds for this strain. It’s the best CBD strain I’ve ever had in my life and I’ve smoked over 100 strains so far. Good e Amsterdam FTW.

Yes. But you dont want ‘natural’ hermies. Every female marijuana plant (according to my research) carries hermaphranic tendencies and genetics. You technically want ones with the lowest percentage of dominant ones.

Think of it this way.
-some plants herm on u in perfect conditions
-any and every strain herms with light leaks in flower
-some herm from heat stress
-some herm from lack or abundance of water
-some a forced with colloidal silver

You want females that are FORCED to herm (colloidal silver) yet have genetics stable enough not to trigger the other issues.

A natural herm’s seeds will carry the genetics that made it herm on u. Any plant pollenated will NOT reach full potency.

Haha feel that bro. My first harvest was berry bomb auto (all autos are fem’d for some insane reason…)

So what did i buy next? 10 regular berrh bomb photo seeds. Planned on an army of berry bomb seeds. But life happens

My first plant was White Widow fem. I got 3 or 4 small mason jars worth. It was my best crop till Blue Dream from this year and she blew away my WW crop.

I’m hoping for no hermies. I had one strain called Blueberry Gum and it was damn good. The jury is still out on Sapphire OG.

I didn’t really learn the correct way to cure till I joined here. My Blue Dream does smell of a sweet, blueberry smell like it should.

My previous crops didn’t smell like they should have simply because I didn’t flush the soil for 2 weeks before pulling the plant. Most of my crops have had a either a peppery and ole lemon pine smell. Till now.

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This is only with the natural herm pollinating a female, correct?

The carrying on herm genes part yes.

Any plant pollenated wont reach max potential tho