Brand new shiny grow... from go

It’s my goal and desire to document this grow from its beginning. If I can share with another *new grower anything via my successes (or failures) I will be happy, as well as the inspiration I get from keeping this journal! :slight_smile:

Humidity, ppm and pH meters coming today as well as pH up and down liquids, tomorrow rapid rooters come, so will start soaking four fem Northern Lights toinght…

-hope you enjoy my grow journal!

I’ve got a bunch of questions, my first one is…

For now I only have one tent and I’m likely going to have autoflowers mixed with regular, would you use a 96000 lumen super blue halide or a 90000 agro HPS if you had to use one or the other?

(Edit: I’m not a *new grower, but I feel like an absolute beginner. I stopped 21 years ago but I do have almost 10 years growing and 5 years breeding experience, I’m counting on some of that knowledge comming back, as well as the great input & articles I get here)



I feel that by going slowly as I set up this new effort, and with the input and the experience of the staff and growers here I will get my grow room setup pretty much functioning the way it should and avoid a lot of the hit and miss, and hopefully I can pass that on in some small way…

Question: Regarding space, using 3 gallon pots in a 4x4, would you recommend 4 or 5 plants?
(I’m using a 600 watt HID, topping once but not scrogging)


Personally I run 2 plants topped in my 4x4 and they fill it out nicely. You can always run the MH from start to flower and switch bulb to hps either when you want or a week or so after flower. I keep my MH in until stretch is over, about 2 weeks or so before I switch to hps. This is to reduce height mainly because I veg for several months. Growing autos as well it will be up to you. You will gain bud density in the autos while waiting for you photos to develope where you want using HPS, but may increase lankiness between nodes.

Hey J thanks for the input! I feel like Fred Flintstone waking up in George Jetsons shoes! OMG!

Edit: first grow back I decided that I’m just going to do the NL’s, so light bulb question answered!

I’m not one for long vegetative growth J, I like to get them in and get them done before anything goes south, but maybe that will change too…


Judging from the supplies you listed you’re going to have a fun grow. Im excited to see how it works out lol. Im a complete novice , but things are beginning to work out.

Hey Dan… an expensive grow so far lol, I’m still waiting for the fun to start… :confused:

honestly I’m a little nervous, it’s been a long time & I don’t even know what half the stuff I had put away for 20 years is for, let alone all this fancy newfangled store bought stuff lol!

I feel like Fred Flintstone showing up in a Jetsons cartoon! :rocket:

right on.

good luck on your grow, its like riding a bike right? get back on and go

is it just me or,…do those seeds look extra plump?


Glad to see you got a grow journal started paranorman! I will be checking in to see how everything is going with you. It’s great seeing everyone beginning their own journals!

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They’re nice and plump Jay! :slight_smile:

So battery in new thermometer / humidity gauge, outdoor 40 degrees, temperature in my grow room 55.

I’m going to put my 600w on full and note the differences between the ambient grow room temperature and inside the grow tent at various temperatures / intervals

This will give a better understanding how I need to vent, I’m sure it’s going to be vented differently during different seasons

Note to journal: Some of the first things I bought was a RH / temp gauge (high/low), pH up and down & a PH and ppm gauge

And with that gauge comes a question:

My RH is 35%, what is ideal for vegetative growth? (I have a designated humidifier)


I’ve seen a couple graphs or posters on here that say for veg growth RH should be high, at around 70%. Flower you should be at 30-40% RH

I like 70% for seedlings…50%-60% for veg…40% for flowering.

I’ve read higher humidity is good during flowering, but we all tend to worry, rightfully so, about blossom rot.

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Edit: heat test pending :bulb:

Yeah I’ve got me some serious dry here Kabongster! It’s down to 32%! :frowning:

35% with a humidifier? On the high setting? 4x4, sealed? How many vents? Passive or fan venting?

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No, I do have one but I’m trying to take raw readings of everything right now…

The fan is next to me in a box & I don’t have the venting yet, this is her maiden run, my seeds haven’t even hit water yet… :palm_tree: just checking it all out

Note to journal:

The earth worth 4 by 4 by 76 grow tent is in my opinion structurally very sound almost completely lightproof. The negative is it zips down the front, I didn’t realize that the middle zipper type it is tricky at best at the bottom, and very difficult because I’m disabled, I have to have buy one of the half circle zipper fronts :frowning: …it also has a couple of other design issues that don’t make sense to me right now but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily wrong

This is why I’m making this journal! hopefully someone else can read that, then make an informed purchase decision

I had always planned on two tents, the next one with a half-circle zipper will be used for flowering under hps


27% RH…

I’m going to have to rethink soil… I think my growing environment would favor at least some DWC in winter months

I’m soaking my humidifier in a mild bleach solution overnight because it hasn’t been used in many many moons I’ll run it tomorrow and see how it affects the RH

What I’ve learned:

I have a low humidity problem (winter)

don’t buy a tent that zippers down the middle if you have back problems

my temperature is 20 degrees warmer than outside in my unheated grow room

the 600 hid heats the room up approximately 10 degrees

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if the tent doesn’t work, modify it with scissors, tape, whatever…unless you need air tight for CO2, or light proof.
Mine is in my cellar…I don’t use CO2, and I don’t care about light leaking out, and I will remove bulbs in sensitive areas to maintain darkness.

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Hi, no the tent’s fine, it’s my back that doesn’t work anymore lol! I mentioned I was disabled I’ve got some back injuries I can’t be bending down like that it’s very difficult and it makes it all the more frustrating trying to zipper it

the text itself is very good but personally I don’t like this front-zip style, I’m going to get the half moon style zipper tent to flower and use this one for veg, leaving it open most of the time

Note to journal:

My grow room is way too cold for seedlings and I don’t want to run a 600 for a few weeks just to heat my seedling, so they’ll do fine in my bedroom

I’ve got 78% humidity at 78 degrees under this light and on a propagation mat, and I think it will stay pretty steady