Bought this at swap meet

Found this lil grow cabinet and have no name or info on it it came with 120volt 60 hertz.85amp ballistic and has six lite plugs .i was thinking on putting 24 inch t5 ho floresints.any ideas.

It looks like it was designed for fluorescent lights, I can’t tell just by the picture alone what type would fit in the sockets but they look like 48 inch t8 bulbs would fit, maybe. Do the sockets run the full height of the cabinet?

Yes the lights have holders for the florescent light bulbs .rite above the growpot .thanks so much man .way cool.

If 48 inch T5s will fit in it, that would be even more awesome, if you want to go to the trouble and added expense to upgrade the cabinet. If everything is still working and all you have to do is buy some T8s for it that would also be cool and a very cheap way to get started. Either way, nice find!