Bokeo #2, any special requirements?

Hi again. I’m interested in landraces, and have four Bokeo #2 plants from Laos going… they’re in week 5 from seed, indoor DWC, using General Hydro nutrients. They look healthy except for some nutrient burn that I caused and then remedied. This is my first landrace and I’m wondering if anybody here has experience with this particular plant and might be able to offer any advice regarding special requirements, or anything weird that it might do. Not sure if this question is in the right category…


Do you have any pics of the plant? Im not familiar with the strain but would love to follow your grow as it progresses

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Hi here’s a few pics of their progress. The seeds are male and female, so I’m hoping at least one of the four is female. Going to remove the males when I discover them, keep them going and collect pollen. Then will try to seed just a couple buds so I can grow more.

There’s a real persistent situation with the fan leaves looking like they have nutrient burn about 3 weeks after they appear, but the tops are healthy.

I reduced nutrients to half, and then to one quarter but the burnt leaves continue. Maybe it’s just a feature of this strain.

Treat it like any other strain. Good basics = good yield (proper lighting, pH PPM, watering practices, quality cannabis nutrients, good soil,…)

It’s been a while, but here is the latest on the 4 Bokeo #2 plants I’m growing. Now I know why they suggest growing it outdoors… space between nodes is almost a foot in some places.

I mainlined them and started the flowering phase when they were 3 feet tall, figuring colas would add another 12 or 16 inches - they’re 8 1/2 feet tall now, and my ceiling is 8 feet high!

They’re on day 50 of flowering. They got shocked because of a lighting screwup, and 2 of them turned into hermaphrodites. I let them pollinate a few buds because I read that a seed produced by a hermaphrodite will always be female. Not 100% sure on that.

These final 3 photos were taken today. Looks like some decent colas about 14 inches are developing. Got some kind of deficiency, possibly calcium/magnesium? I’m figuring they have two or three weeks to go, will post another update soon.

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