BobDigi vs. Amnesia haze grow journal

Decided on amnesia haze this go. Well, actually the wife told me I had to do amnesia haze this go. Removed the tent, because it was so cumbersome in this area, and installed diamond Mylar stuff

She had a rough start, this one. She really did not like the seed starting mix I used the last grow.

Transplanted her into a bigger pot mixed with 80% new potting soil and 20% ocean forrest and she started taking off.

A few days later it was time to transplant to 5gallon with 80% ocean forest 20% perlite

Topped a few days later after no signs of shock

A few days later, overnight, surprised with what look like an iron deficiency so I hit her with a cal mag folier spray

She bounced back quickly and here we are a few days after

And because I was bored with just her, sprouted another white widow. Will be doing the same thing as last time, 2x2 tent, scrog. One difference is she’ll be going in soil kings big rootz soil.

She was a bit of a goofball to start. She sprouted upside down and she also chucked off 2 seed husks

Aaaaaand because I was bored with her as well, an ILGM blueberry auto. This will be my first auto as well as my first outdoor grow. An experiment to see how it will do in gulf coast heat and humidity

The grow location. Plenty of sun and shade

The experiment

More to come


Forgot to add:

First water to runoff on 5/5. Water and slf-100. No nutes

340 ppm

2026 ppm

Gotta love that hot ocean forest.


Your indoor and outdoor set up looks nice . I hope the weather cooperates for you . I saw some big storms down south on the news today . I’m going to try two autos outside this year here in the northeast . It’s too soon here as there is a chance of frost over night . Maybe a BBA and a Northern Lights . Good luck , I’m watching .

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Yeah, she’s inside with the widow now because of the storms. It’s supposed to get worse in the next few days so she’s gonna get cabin fever with the rest of us. Tag me when you get yours up and going

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When the weather turns bad here I will stick them inside this .

This was my last Haze .


I was looking at something like that. That’s a nice looking plant! Hope she turns out like that. She’s been a problem child so far.


Your not BS’ing about these storms. They are one after the other down here.

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Good luck on the grow brother!!! Watching!

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5/9/19 pot was bone dry

Declorinated Water/ 5mg calmag / 5mg slf-100



Raised light wattage from 115w to 125w

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As it would turn out, there was a mix up at the seed warehouse. My blueberry autos may actually be blackberry kush photos. That kind of throws a wrench into plans but I’ll try and figure something out.

Went ahead and transplanted the “blueberry auto” into a transitional pot since I don’t have to worry about a single transplant anymore

Transplanted the white widow to its final home

And the amnesia haze still chugging along


Got confirmation from ILGM that there was a mix up and they are sending the correct seeds. I’ve honestly never had this good and prompt customer support with anything before. Thank you @ILGM.Claire !

It was also confirmed that the new born is a blackberry kush fem. Not sure what to do with it. Can’t put it outside because it would be vegging for 5 months and with a 100-200% flowering stretch, it would be way too big and wouldn’t go unnoticed. I don’t really have the heart to cull such a healthy plant.


I would take them off your hands if I was reasonably close to you lol


Lol, I might just have to throw a tent in the attic

Haha well I can attest that it is doable!! My attic stays @ 95°F and I never get above 75 degrees

It’ll be an easy 110* up there soon. I may need to build a space in the garage.

I was thinking that to. But if I come out to the garage I have no a/c. My tent in the attic is right next to the split unit so it gets all the cold air

My a/c unit is almost directly above my garage so I can just punch another hole in my air handler and run a 5’ duct. Just didn’t want to get into all that but this stupid plant obsession is taking over.

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I was taping off my garage floor because im wanting to get a 10x10 and use half for scrogging/growing and the other half as my work station. So I am coming up with a drainage system for the plants to sit on and needed to measure some stuff out. She was PISSED!!! “10X10??? WTF are you talking about 10x10?!? Where is that gonna go??” She was not pleased to say the least.

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Lol! These plants are for my wife and she’d probably be down with one of the kids giving up their room.

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Bahahaha well aren’t you lucky. My wife smokes just as much as I do, but she would rather buy it. Well…F that!!!