Blueberry Semi-Autonomous Photo ScrOG. I Need Your ADVICE

Planning Stages of Blueberry
Planning stage will last for 1-2 months depending on how long current grow takes to finish

Ok so my next grow is going to be well planned out and as scientific as possible. You could consider this to be community guided & group grown.
Why I need you?
I need your help with, choice of

  • Substrate: Coco, Supersoil or Hydro.
  • Method at which to automate feeding, as to be able to be self sustaining for 3-5 days at a time.
  • Nutrients from start to finish. I currently have some Advanced Nutrients so within that line.
  • Equipment to accurately test: Ph, PPM (EC), Humidity and Temp.
  • Pest & disease control.

Working space, 3’x2’x4’ LxWxH in feet. Indoor
Our lights will be ViparSpectra 450w VEG, King Led 1000w Bloom.
Budget $100-150
No tent

We will be using the voting system.

Goal, high yield with minimal space/equipment/and cost. To prove you can grow A+ quality with little investment.

@hillbilly103 @Ray4x @ktreez420 @Nug-bug @Urbandweller @Willd @Wishingilivedina420state @AnneBonny @bruinsfan33 @M4ur I have added some of the people I have met in the community so far.



  • Coco
  • Super Soil
  • Hydro

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  • Organic
  • Non Organic

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Feel free to post Videos & Amazon links. To the items needed. We may vote on choice of equipment and or nutrients and or pesticides.

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am I reading that correctly at 4 feet is all the height you have to work with?

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@oak kinda, 4-5’ but I think it could be done in 48"

14" - 16" from floor to top of container
4" - 6" gap from container to ScrOG
10" for cola expansion height
18" - 20" for light spacing from top of fully grown cola.

I know you should have 20 to 25 inches from root to ScrOG but this goal is to grow in as limited space as posaible, weaving the stalk diagonally from one corner to the other.

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okay. The stated goal is huge yield and the space is going to limit you.
I would go with super soil mainly because it should take less nutrient adds and will help you stay in budget…should also give you some buffer if anything goes wrong during your 3-5 day unattended times…
I have heard rumors,… and seen some you tube videos,…that show you can grow in very shallow pans as long as you have horizontal range for the roots to grow. That method might be something you want to look in to.
Keep in mind you will need to be able to access your stalks beneath the screen…no way I could get my arm in there with only a six inch gap, lol.

organic…always organic. The goal is to produce something you will be ingesting into your body. why use chemicals and such when it is not necessary for success?


@oak Thank you for the input, and i agree with the organic. That’s why I like advanced nutrients. Also I like the idea of using the large footprint shallow box.

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It can be very labour intense growing in confined height and very few LED lights like to be closer to your plants than 18" so you need to factor pot size and light distance subtract it from overall to get rough size your plants will be. I did I low height grow start of last fall had to flower plants at 8-10" tall and train them start to finish to keep them out of lights wasn’t very conducent for being able to walk away for days at a time I will say that for sure :wink:


I grow in small short tents as well , I can’t wait to see what happens good luck