Blueberry Photo - near harvest - Fan leaves and Powdery Mildew

@Myfriendis410 and all outdoor growers,
I have searched, read and read, and searched, but haven’t found direct answers. Please help.
These Blueberry Fem-Photos, that I never gave-up on, are near to harvest.
I’ve been dealing with N deficiency on some and Powdery Mildew for ~1mo now on all but one. Treating the mildew with 50/50% Hydrogen Peroxide/H20 - helps, but not a complete solution. Expecting rain off/on for the next week in Midwest. Hey @MidwestGuy
How much of the 5,3 or even single leaf leaves can I remove and not damage or stop the trichome production? Trichomes are more milky than clear on the more mature plants (1st two pics), but too soon to harvest.

Thanks in advance!
More mature:

Less mature:


Sounds like you are doing what you can. I’m not an outdoor grower, so I can’t offer much here.

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PNW? Lots of 'shrooms there… lucky you.

PNW??? Please un-acronym for me.

Pacific Northwest

You could start thinking about doing a defoliation soon which should help with the WPM issue. Gotta be close to harvest seeing as how we are now in October.

Thank you MyFriend… I’m Mid-West. Had a mostly “dry” RH in September, but now looking forward to 1wk rain.
Yes, close to harvest - trichomes clouding, but trying to resolve the WPM before doing so and bringing that crap inside to cure and affect other assets.
Is it okay to remove any/all affected non-flower leaves?
I have a gazebo nearby. Should I bring them out of the rain and continue H2O2/H2O spray?
Can I use anything other than H2O2/H2O this close to harvest?
I’ve fought like hell keep these going in a good direction since April 1, and I’m not about to loose such a harvest because of WPM now!!!

Yes! If you can add airflow too would be good. Bring em inside at night for example and put a fan on em. (potted plants obviously) I’d remove every leaf you can ahead of harvest for that reason. If you were 3 weeks out I’d probably not advise doing a defoliation but you’re not.

If you are close and the choice is loss of harvest versus diminished yield well…plan on doing a final bud wash in peroxide to remove at harvest.

Now we’re talkin’!
Can’t bring 'em inside, but I can drag under gazebo roof at night and when no sunshine.
I’ll be more aggressive with defoliation starting novethe next few days .And will continue 50/50 H2O2 spray.

What raiot f or final harvest “wash”?

I use a cup in 5 gallons then rinse after 5 to 10 minutes.

Wow - I’ve been spraying with 0.5/0.5 ratio.
Your “wash” ratio is 0.0125/1 ratio,
Is such a small ration sufficient to kill WPM that may exist in the flower?
Do I soak for 5-10 min? Or soak/wash for ??min and the rinse with what?

Can you move ur plant that has pm on it into a shed or some sort of room to get it out of the rain while treating it

I put mine under a 10x12 gazebo “roof”. If you bring inside a structure - be sure to have good ventilation, but not so much that you blow the WPM off the plant and onto everything around it.
That’s my opinion.

@Myfriendis410 ; I’m sure that you’re busy with other questions. Pease clarify my question above as soon as you can :slight_smile:

When u wash ur bud in the wash u make up u only have to do it for a few seconds and after ur done rinse th off with plan tap water with a hose on low so it rinses off the wpm and the wash and then hang them in front of a fan until water has gone then ur right to hang in ur drying place

OH! You were asking me if I can move the plants indoors. I thought you were engaging with a separate question. HA!
Okay - was briefly, rinse w/H20 and fan dry.