Blueberry Newbie

Planted three Blueberry plants Yesterday. This is my first try at growing M.J. so wish me luck! … Pics to come!!! 8-O


Three Pots waiting for sprouts to appear! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok I’m not sure who’s pics those are but they are not mine. Look good though. First try was a bust for me and none of my seeds sprouted. So live and learn. I am now on my second try and the seeds germinated beautifully!! I planted today and expect to see sprouts in a few days. Fingers crossed… See pics so far… I will update soon!!

No better way to learn, than to start with the basics as you are doing here. Cannot wait to see you succeed. Peace.lw :slight_smile:

Well we have a couple of sprouts starting to push through!! Two days after planting my germinated seeds I have two starting to show so everything is going great so far!! :smiley:

Thanks Latewood!! All seems to be going much better this time around!!

Hang in there; Glad to see new life. Here to help. Peace.lw :slight_smile:

Looking good. You could use CFLs with a bit more blue in them for seedlings and vegetative growth, if you can find them, those you have are very very red in the picture. Try to get a 5000k or higher if at all possible. A 6500K would be good.

I appreciate all I can get Latewood! Thanks bunches!!
Hey MacGyver thanks for the lighting Tip. Will definitely go out in the morning and grab a couple of those you recommended!! I really appreciate the input since I am new at this and pretty much by the seat of my pants here… Got an update pic from today. My little sprouts are getting their first leaves!! One proud Blueberry papa here!! :smiley:

UPDATE:…Just ordered two of the 200W 6500K CFL Bulbs express 2 day shipping… Thanks again for the advice MacGyver… :wink:


New grow lights arrived and are installed. Brightening up my day!! :smiley:

Looks good. Those are 40 watt CFLs. Those are good, they can cover up to about a square foot each. When talking about fluorescent lights to describe the light, usually the actual watts number is used instead of the equivalent watt incandescent light it normally would be replacing in a household, . They do make actual 200 watt CFLs, you can usually find them with a reflective housing in hydro store or online. I was a little worried about that when you said you were gonna put 2x200 watt lights in there, lol. The electrical watts used can be deceptive when comparing different type of lights as a 200 watt HPS would put out much more intense light than the old fashioned 200 watts worth of incandescent light as well as still producing more intense light than the 200 watt CFL, it gets kinda complicated, that is why I like to use lumens a as it will be the same regardless of what type of light is producing the light.

Yea, I noticed when I opened the box today that it said 200W “equivalent” 40W… Missed that when I ordered them but I think that was a good thing. I thought I would probably be okay anyway with my small grow and the fact they were 6500K and 2800 Lumens… 2sq ft will be plenty of space since I had four survivors in all. Certainly enough for me…We’ll see tomorrow how they react to the new light source. Once they get larger and begin to mature I wanted to go to 4ft Tube Flouro lights. Any suggestions there would be great too…Thanks again for all the help and input MacGyver it is greatly appreciated…
Rick… :smiley:

Whelp we have one week in the books for my grow and progress was a tad slow for my first seven days but this is my own fault because I was not using correct lighting. With lighting corrected I have four nice little Blue Berry plants that look like the are just about ready to take off… Feeling very optimistic!! :smiley:

And we are now at day 10. All is well my babies are growing just fine!! :slight_smile:

That is 1 healthy looking seedling! :mrgreen: Happy times ahead :slight_smile:

Well we are at two weeks now with three very good looking Blueberry plants and one that is finally starting to take off too. We have run into a snag though, something is eating my Blueberry leaves. So I had to run out and get some non-toxic pest spray to get rid of these little mites. So as you will see in the pictures I have some uninvited guests on my leaves but the plants are growing great! Also I decided to purchase a few of Roberts favorite seeds and start them too I got the White Widow seeds mid week and was able to germinate and plant by Friday I also have pics of the new W.W. Sprouts at day two… Enjoy! :smiley:

burnts tips udually mean nutrient burn. Curled leaes are an indication of PH issue.

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I’m only using tap water and no fertilizers at all yet, although it is really hard water. I can switch to bottled water I suppose. As far as the PH… Any idea what the range should be?

Oh Boy! Light Burn! My Bad. Problem corrected plants seem to be fairing much better so we’ll give them a few days to recover and see how we progress from there. Luckily I do not believe the damage has permanently injured any of them so I am sure this will just be another short term newbie “live and learn” experience as we carry on smartly to our final goal. Four beautiful and fully mature Blueberry Fem plants. Never underestimate the value of hands on experience my friends!! :smiley: