Blueberry marijuana suddenly died

A question from a fellow grower:

I recently ordered five seeds of autoflowering Blueberry, and I’ve noticed that several days after they all successfully germinated and planted, the leaved on all the new seedlings have disappeared, leaving only the stems, which eventually all died.

I am currently growing several White Widow seeds I purchased from your site with good success, but the Blueberry plants in the same environment with the same setup are not having any luck.

Are the white widow also autoflowers? Autoflowers are extra sensitive to high temperatures in the growing medium, it really shouldn’t be much higher that 75F or 23 -24C, especially in hydro or soil-less mediums, and no lower than 68* F/20*C. A really good organic soil with good mycorrhizae can help the plant tolerate higher temperatures. BTW, in general white widow is considered one of the more resistant or durable strains and this could be the reason it is doing better.