Blueberry Autoflower x3 indoor

Hi everyone!

3rd indoor grow here, using blueberry autos, 3 seeds were germinated back in January 2019. 2 of them were potted on Jan13 , the bigger plant on the right potted on the 15th.

here are the deets, following are the peeks.

Seeds: ILGM Blueberry auto
medium: growing in Commercial Miracle Gro soil, 70% with added 30% Perlite
3 Gallons Fabric pots
environment: 2x4x5 grow tent
Light: Vivosun 600W LED

Température osscilsted between 67-70 at night to 79-81 during the day.

Humidity is kept between 60-70 throughout

Planless Random LST was my method of choice to even out the canopy.
All 3 Plants showing signs of female pistils
As of now 1 of the plant has been preflowering for about 2 weeks…

I have more pics from a thé early grow but this is the latest . Any comments?


Looking good nice training they look nice and bushy

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Look great.
How far from the canopy is the light and do you measure the PAR levels you are getting to the plants.


for the seedling stage my lamp was 36 inches above and then i dropped it at 20inch . The internode distance is still very small.

I do not measure the PAR. Do you see something that should be changed?

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They r looking good nice tight spacing thats a good thing they will have nice tight buds then

thanks!! I’ll flush then switch to bloom nutes when it stops stretching (Bergman’s nutes).

Will try to update weekly or so.

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No, not at all.
I measure PAR and keep it at 900-1000 par at plant tops. As the plant grows I move the light up to maintain the lighting intensity.

Gotcha! I’ll get a PAR meter soon so I can be more accurate in my light distance. right now i’m really just eyeballing it… better be lucky than good

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Alright! just got home from a 4 days weekend vacation. my girl was taking care of the plant.

the lamp was at 20inch from the canopy. when i got home it was at 12 inches!!
Now it’s filling the whole width of the tent and then some. I’ll have to set up a fan to eliminate mold risk.
this pic doesn’t do it justice :

seems like the bottom left plant is flowering like crazy and is much more advanced than the other 2. oooh phenotypes!


At this point i’m having a hard time controlling for temperature and humidity.

Before my plants grew this big, my light was producing a lot of Heat and Dryness. Now that my 2x4x5 is filled with plant material, the light rays are being absorbed and almost no heat is being created.

How can I raise the temperature of my closet to a controllable temp, while keeping the humidity levels to a reasonable 50 % (into flowering) ?

Dehumidifier? little heating unit ?

here are pictures of the grow area.

see above for grow infos


The oil filled radiator style heaters work well outside of the grow tent.
If that’s an option for ya. Some heaters that blow hot air can drop RH.

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Alright! here is the most recent dilemma. I need experts opinions @raustin @blackthumbbetty @Sixpackdad @dbrn32 :

My 3 auto blueberry are now occupying a lot of space. They fill about 8sqft, but i only have one 600W Led Lamp in a 2x4x5 grow tent…

My 3 plants are at different flowering stages and i’m wondering:

Should I align them, although only 1 will be directly under the lamp: see image below
If so, which plant should i put directly beneath the lamps, the more advanced or the tallest?

or should I cluster them underneath the lamp (see picture 2 posts above) although the walls of the tent tend to compress the edges of the plant?

I’d put the shortest under the light or raise them all up to the same level. My girls are often on booster seats.


oooh!! a booster seat, such a simple yet amazing idea!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thx!

How about in terms of alignment. When all side by side, two of the plants are not directly under the light. If i cluster them underneath it’s more crowded but most of the plants are under the light.
Any input about that?


I think that’s about the best you’ll do.

in that case I opted for cluster them under the lamp with a booster under the most advanced in flowering /shortest:

Sorry about the blurple, it’s really just to show clustering more than the plant’s colour.


I love how the side branches are growing towards the mylar

When you stack them on top of each other and th foliage is dense, make sure to do close inspections for white powdery mildew. WPM likes areas with not a lot of ventilation and leaves that are touching each other. Good luck and nice grow so far.

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thanks for the info! will be on the lookout for this evil mildew.

In the meantime, look at the picture below… Is this a pollen sack? did I create Hermies? 1 of the lankiest plant (seems to have been stressed from either light or too much K+/ Phosphorus) is looking like a hermaphrodite .

Should I cull it?

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