Blueberry Autoflower- 1 month old and 1 inch tall.. ODD?

strains: ILGM blueberry (AF), amnesia haze (AF)

6/24/2020, set seeds to germinate.
6/27/2020, seeds germinated and put to soil.
amnesia haze taproot less than one inch.
blueberry had a 2 inch taproot- made planting hole deeper to accomodate long root.

neither plant got nutes until 2 weeks passed, when they did get nutes it was 1/4 strength (until yesterday, now i am giving them 50% strength nutes).

any ideas why the blueberry has not grown nearly as much as the amnesia haze?

since it had a 2 inch taproot, and i ended up planting it deeper, is it possible it has been putting its energy towards building root structure rather than getting taller?

i am pretty sure it is getting enough light, it is directly under it along with the amnesia haze

strains: ILGM blueberry (AF), amnesia haze (AF)
tent: 8ft X 8ft X 6.5ft
lighting schedule: 12/12
medium: scotts topsoil blend + perlite
container: 3 gallon buckes for AH, BB
Light system, size: mars hydro TS1000
Vent system: 10" exhaust fan (860 CFM)
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: NONE
Co2: No
strength of nutes: 2tsp/gallon
nutes: foxfarm soil trio
Temps; Day-Night:85-100*F
Humidity; Day-Night: 60-70%ish

They shouldn’t be getting nutrients at this stage, and it takes awhile after emerging to make roots and leaves. They’ll take off in a week.


DSC01730 DSC01731

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Yep 1.5ish more weeks, they’ll take off.

It might help to increase the hours of light your girls are getting. Certainly couldn’t hurt.

Chap above does 12/12, I do 18/6. If more light is better then perhaps I should do say, 19/5. Autos don’t follow a schedule but do they need a minimum amount of dark?

I do 18/6 and it works for me.
@fungusamongus83 my blueberry autos were slow to start then took after a few weeks.

i went ahead and changed the light timer to add 2 more hours of light a day. i dont have the luxury of air conditioning my plants, so i cant leave the lights on for too long during the day or else if gets to temps of 105*F. also added the 2 more hours of light because i am starting a punch of new plants, half of them will be photos from bag seeds. fall is just around the corner, so i wanted to go ahead and get them started up as well as use up the autoflower seeds i bought from ILGM…

but for the slow growing blueberry AF, the other blueberry plant grew right along with the others, didnt seem to be slow growing like this one. it is already flowering, and looking pretty good for being under a foot tall. its got 10-11 bud sites, not counting the top one thats the biggest

my advice would be to try and get those temps down below 85 via more ventilation/air movement…above that will stunt the growth or maybe even stop it entirely.

Happy Growing!