Blueberry Auto - Veg Flower Harvest

It is decision time again. Today is grow day 102 (15 weeks + a couple days) and is it harvest day.
That is my question but I also want to share what I am finding to be interesting and possibly important to other beginner growers. That is, to keep a log and (for me at least) a photo journal to identify key events.
To that end, I offer the following:
Picture wk 5 day 29 - I think it is pre-flower - no visible pistils

These are of wk 6 day 36 - early flower, first signs of pistils
Jumping ahead, these are wk 15 day 99 Main colas and side bud. To me she looks ready. Brown pistils and small fan leaves and sugar leaves are degrading. If I am reading the pictures correctly, this puts her at 5 full weeks of veg. and 9 full weeks of flower.
Finally, here are her trichomes today day 102. They are of the same bud with progressively more magnification
And because I LOVE trichomes here is another of a bract from the main colas.
For you with experienced eyes, does she meet the harvest criteria of some clear, mostly cloudy and a few amber? Looking forward to your replies.


Very pretty, personally for me I would Harvest. I think she’s ready.

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What a difference in growth between three Blueberry autos.
11/13 is the date sprouted seeds were placed in soil. The pictures were taken 12/31 day 48

Just saying…
I harvested #1 on 2/9, #2 may go today or tomorrow, #3 still has a way to go (lots of white pistils and still filling out)


Still a little clear for my liking, but you are definitely getting close.