Bloom formula water times

I’m a beginner grower and have a couple of questions, I bought seeds from ilgm girl scout cookies and granddaddy purple all seeds germinated and I have healthy plants, I’m in the 3rd week of flowering and getting ready to start using 0-50-30 Bloom formula, could someone tell me how often to water with that formula.

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That is meant to be used the last week er so of your grow. A few on here say thaey don’t use it, I recently bought some G.H.'s dry koolbloom cuz @hellraiser said he doesn’t use it (a finisher) and even tho I’m old I’m like a kid when you tell them not to they gotta, just to see why you said not to. It said on the package use it the last week or two 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon to a gal. so I just put in 1/8 or so into the res. (2 1/2 gal res.) next day several fan leaves had burnt edges. Lesson learned, I’ll probably try it in another 2 weeks at the end. it was week 4 when I tried it.

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That’s some strong stuff. Be careful.

I see it’s your first time posting on here. Welcome! There’s a wealth of knowledge on here. I encourage you to start a journal, post pictures and ask a million questions.

I’ve been on this forum for almost a year. I feel like it’s been 10 years. I’ve learned so much. You will too!


Thanks for your input, there has been a couple of people on this site that said they use 0-50-30 in weeks 3,4, and 5 then flush. I agree with you, it’s a good idea to use caution

Yes it is my first post, however I come here often and read others post and I have learned alot.


0-50-30 is monopotassium phosphate based flowering supplement. It is more or less something intended to be added to a base nutrient program.

Assuming you have something like beastie bloomz, you should just follow directions and mix into your base nutrients, and apply them as normal.

Thanks for the information I do appreciate it.

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