Blink Mini camera for remote monitoring

I installed a Blink Mini Camera in my 2x2 tent to monitor the situation as I go. They are pretty cheap to purchase ($20) and work pretty well. Even in the dark!


Nice. But does it upload everything to Amazon, without letting you know?


You can choose do do cloud storage or get a local adapter (server) to host everything in your own network. I’ll have to run a packet inspection on it to see where it’s talking to.


ohh heck yah this is getting good!!..grabs popcorn

I have one in my veg and flower tents… The flower tents camera died after two grows… Using uvb and uva might have killed it.

Those along with govee Bluetooth/wireless hygrometers I am able to keep track of my grow… Without having to run up and down stairs several times a day.

I just stole one of my husband’s cameras. I think it was in the basement anyway lol. And I think he’s got like 10 running right now all around our property… He’ll never miss it lol :crossed_fingers::stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a fact !
They watch and listen to everything you do.

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Thats the only down side. I have some, not directly on the grow, but all around, on all the ways in and out. When chop times comes I’ll take them down. Even though its legal here I just don’t like being watched.