BlackBerry or what?

I had one very little seed left i didn’t think it had i chance but i put it in a 5 gal pot with Miracle-Gro dirt first time i used it but anyway i pinch here off at the 5th node to scr0g it and everything going good then flip the light a 600 w hundred viperspectre 240 w Humboldt nutrients got her in a 4 ×3 by 5 ft tall and she has went crazy I thought It was more Indica than sativa. But look What’s happened? Can anybody give me an answer? Oh, and it was from bergman’s seed bank to

look at these leaves they have 2 little leaves growing forwards not just 1 but allover i love it but don’t know what i got thanks for any help i can get

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Wow that is very sativa leaning. This was my ilgm blackberry. What did the sticker on your packaging say? Did it say BCK?

Yes it did she’s beautiful i just hope my light doesn’t burn her up all the other seeds grew like indicas oh one other thing that’s week 5 of bloom by now the others had nice big bud on them by now this one kepts growing

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Looks sativa dominate to me just my opinion

Do you know how to low stress train it to control height?

It’s impossible to look at a plant and tell what strain it is without at least a little information.

It’s 1 of 5 BlackBerry kush seeds i bought from ilgm all the rest grew well in my little tent after pinching the top i manifolded the two top limbs to grow across and then 2 weeks later flip to bloom and it took off 5 weeks in to bloom its still growing taller I’ve put my light at it’s highest level that’s a first too I’ve always been able to keep them down with my scr0g this one grew up and up intill as you can see it looks like 2 plants instead of one