Black nanner? Is this possible

So I found what appeared to be a nanner growing out of my bud but it was black. Is this a nanner or something else. Once I saw it I hurried to cut it out and forgot to take pic. On top of that I dropped it on the depths of my tent bottom so gone for good. It looked like a nanner I had before shooting out oof the bud then bent st like a 90° looked like a bent arm. Idk hopefully someone understands my inability to express what I see

Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:


That’s hilarious!

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I am wondering if it isnt a misformed leaf or something. I get stuff that kinda looks like that on revegged plants.


Possible I had nitrogen toxicity because of this I had really dark green leaves forming on top of bud sites. Maybe it was a new young leaf not opened up yet? I didn’t think of that I ve been so worried about nanners from stress didn’t think of other options thank you

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