Birth control pills for monster marijuana buds?


I have a friend who swears that mixing a birth control pill with a gallon of water and using that to water the marijuana plants once before flowering and then two weeks after flowering has started will produce much heftier buds. He claims that estrogen has something to do with it. Is this just a marijuana myth?



Hi Tony,

Ornamental gardeners have long known that birth control pills can act as a tonic for certain plants. I know many different prizewinning flower growers who have suggested that their flower’s size and overall number was improved with the use of birth control. I once talked with a farmer who used this method on his tomatoes with some apparent success.

Combining birth control pills and ornamental plant growth isn’t really a risk to humans. But, marijuana can be considered a food plant, meaning the chemicals might pose a risk. Any food plants that have been treated with progesterone or estrogen are probably not things you want to eat.



I am not sure if the estrogen from the pills would still be present if they were added at 2 weeks into flowering. Besides, one of my favorite things to eat has estrogen present all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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