Big Fat Stinky Deuce 💩

Howdy All
Have not been well, had some medical issues to deal with.
Still not 100%
My dogs and Cherry Dragon are keeping me at it.
Had a huge scare yesterday, damn snake was in the house and my big dog had it in her mouth and was thrashing it around banging into furniture.
I got out of bed to see what the ruckus was and freaked when I saw the snake, FFS can it get any worse than this. Extremely poisonous snake,death within 30 min.
I went and got a shovel and told her to drop it ,it was semi conscious and I put it too sleep,Damn.
Anyways just looked at my notifications…32 of them ,that will keep me busy for a while :grinning:
Here is something for you all …
And Happy Easter

Cherry Dragon :grinning:


Sorry to hear about your health issues. Hope you are well soon. A snake in the house is crazy. I don’t like them in the wild let along in my house wow. Hope you dog didn’t get bit and is ok. Your plant looks awesome and afghan bubble hash. Wow send me a chunk for Easter😆. That is awesome. I love me some hash. To get that amount do you use entire plants I assume?


Get well Hash I hope youre better soon and the pups good. Wow seems that plant been around a long time when Im stoned. Good growing to ya