Big Bud Fem plants look different

I have 8 Big Bud Fem plants that look different, trying to find answers.


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Differences within phenotype: no two seeds are alike despite being the same ‘strain’. Even clones from the same mother will often exhibit differences as conditions cause different genes to express themselves.


I have grown several of these and this grow is the only one with different looking growth

That’s crazy! Cus I have seeds from the same plant who all grow different. Either in size or thickness. Speed in germination to root development… no two are a like.that way you can take what appears to be the strongest genes and replicate those

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I mean 4 look normal and 4 look broad and dwarfy


You mean one of 4 plants from the same seed pack didn’t seem to grow as big?

Now I make my own seeds from dominant strains I enjoy smoking. So I know these all came from the same plant.

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It’s atleast 4” lower in canopy for the runt

no, I have 8 plants 3 weeks from sprout now, 4 look like yours, 4 look broad and dwarf

Your luck is shat mate! 1/2 dwarfs, they’ll flower alright just don’t lollipop as much

I didnt lollypop any of them

I keep grooming mine out to see if I can get it to grow vertically it’s not helping, just thins it out

I’ve see people top the larger to keep a good canopy level, that’s always an option

I’d say if you do , clone the top

scared to try that on these, I have what is needed for it, just hasnt worked for me…yet

You’d could also, up pot the ones that are smaller then let the larger go root bound.

This will cause the growth to slow to allow others to catch up and then up pot when they are where you want them

These are options not answers…

Answer to why you have some smaller and some larger is…

Shit happens

I have 3 white widows , one is tall, 2 are short. And 2 have had mag deficiencies . Genetics my friend :seedling::+1:


Different pheno types. Just like one kid is 6’3" and muscular and the other is 5’6" and fat


Yup, just because you have same strain doesn’t mean they will all grow the same. Even clones from same plant can grow a little differently from environmental factors or slight differences in how they are cared for.

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They are hybrids, made of different plants bred together. Not the same as herirage or ( landrace ) where a male is bred with a female of the same genetic line for decades, which stabilizes traites. With hybrids, phenotypes can very quite widely from any of the qualities of the females genes to any of the males genetic traites. In addition to that they can blend features. This is why you see glookies and stupidly named strains by the thousands… the issue is when seed is made from hybrids there is no guarantee of the outcome because most of the breeding is short period and that does not create stable genetics. So… people pheno hunt, try and get at least 1 winner out of a pack of overpriced seeds and then clone/ pollinate it.

just googled it and this shows up, this is my differences.