Big bracts no whammy

I’m starting to get some big bracts towards the tops of the buds… could this be a sign that harvest is near? like its trying to make a seed before it dies…? its a new strain i bred and i dont have a definite time schedule yet… The trichomes are an equal mix of clear, milky and light amber but one of them with a lot of amber still has long white caylxes… guess its going to be some heavy stuff? whats better to go off of? 80% of caylxes turn brown or trichomes turning amber?

What strain?? i usually go by 20-30% amber on the buds(not the leaves). but depending on what type of buzz ya want is up to you. more amber, more couch lock

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I usually wait until pistils are receding and start checking trichs, and shoot for about 20% amber.


The strain is a cross I bred… named it Damn bro(d’ambro). It’s sour d and ambrosia… sour d can take 10 weeks, ambrosia can take 7 weeks… I’d say they are ambrosia dominant… guess the one that still has white hairs is more sour d…?


Love the name!


That’s fantastic! I’m cracking up…Damn, Bro.

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at first i named it god dawg! granparents are chemdawg 91 and god bud but i think d’ambro is a better name!!

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Yeah, it’s a killer name, because just looking at d’ambro I’m thinking more like “day ahm bro” or something, but then you say it out loud :joy:

Hell yeah… if you say dee ambro it’s still damnbro with a bad accent! You think I should just spell it like damnbro or do you like d’ambro?

d’Ambro is how I’d do it.