Best way to harvest trimmings

What is best way to harvest the trimmings? For instance to make bubble or just dry keif.

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Once everything is dry zip lock it and throw it in the freezer until you’re ready You can then make bubble hash or dry ice hash depending on what you’re trying to do.
Bubble hash makes good temple balls
Dry ice is better for rosin unless you have a freeze dryer.
You can use your left over rosin press bags for edibles and such.
All my trim is all popcorn buds/ sugar leaves by harvest I’ve pretty much pulled everything else.i save a few grows up because of the cost of dry ice.

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Trimmings aren’t really worth shaking for keif IMO but does a fine job making oil. I run my trim through a Source Turbo and use the result to make cookies.


Thank you ill give that try for sure

Oh wow, i never seen one of those before looks very cool and probably efficient, ill have to save up awhile though but im sure itll make up for that quickly😁thanks for the education i love learning new things and there’s been a bunch of that listening to yall on here, thanks again

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A lot of folks will take the trim/larf and cook in a crockpot with coconut oil and a tablespoon of lecithin. Add 1 cup of water and simmer until the water is just gone then strain through fine-mesh cheesecloth. Weigh out and freeze (I use little square Glad plastic containers) then use in place of butter.

The only real problem is it extracts a lot of chlorophyll which gives it a ‘weedy’ taste. I did that for years before finally investing in the alcohol extraction rig. I also have a lot of latitude in what the finished product is used for: dab oil or edibles. Done right it’s flavorless in cookies. It also makes dosing way easier.


Awesome. Sounds like theres a few options to use till i can get an exteaction machine. Thank you for the info

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I use my levo2 to infuse oils/honey. Olive is super clean and flavorless in cakes etc. Also infuses better than coconut. I use coconut and honey for gummies/candies.


Holly cow honey! Man im definitely trying that, i put honey on everything thatll be perfect. Thank you for the the info, and excitement i love learning new things.


I throw mine in the composter.

So i just put my trim into jars, bags, whatever i got on hand. I don’t freeze it or anything, it just sets like my jars of buds would or grove bags now i guess for buds and jars for trim.

But I do so many different things with it.
Decarb it and make a “golden dragon tincture” and then add that to plan old sugar and make “cana-sugar” is the last thing i did with some.

I also make alot of BHO (butane honey oil) with it.

Decarb it and add it to coconut oil or butter is also something I do…

The BHO is probably the easiest and fastest thing i do that gives me a potent product with little effect…

But I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to make BHO inside and outside as well for that matter.
If a person is extremely cautious and aware of what they’re doing it is no problem I’ve done it for years…, but if something goes wrong a person could literally blow up their house or their self.

I almost don’t like telling people about how easy it can be but hopefully we all are responsible adults so anyone reading this will fully understand,.
You can absolutely die from makeing a mistake so please anyone that trys this.
Do it outside and with a freind so if someone goes wrong they can help you.

But you definitely got tons of options and if you’re creative, I bet you could come up with something of your own :smiley: lmk if ya do, I like learning new tricks :grin:

:+1:thank you

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