Best lighting cycle for autoflower

Can anyone tell me what would be the best lighting cycle for autoflowering plants i have mine on 21hours on and 3hours off and they are doing well should i now increase the hours off darkness now they have started to bu

I personally run mine on a 12-12 once flowering
But honestly you can run whatever time cycle you wish with autos
I will add this all plants need a rest period


Thanks very much for your help mate

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Sure any time
I know a few other of the Mods also fun the 12-12 cycle as well
The height of the plants will be determined by how close you keep your lights in most cases and size of pots your growing in as well
I play with my autos meaning I don’t grow them as my main crop I only grow my hem just for the fun of it lol
So I normally use 1-2 gallon pots

And found that 3 gallon pots indoors are more than enough
Happy growing any other questions just tag me and ask

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the light pattern ive seen in here that makes sense to me is 24/0 first week or two, then 18/6 for 2-3 weeks, then 12/12 until harvesf


Thanks very much for the advice mate :+1:

anytime. we are all here to learn and help

I kept my autos on 20/4 under 400HPS/400MH combo. They did fine - 12 plants got me 8 months of weed. I did run into some nute problems, and I do think there is something to be said to going to 12/12 in flowering, regardless. It’s more natural.

A 12/12 photo plant is what you want it to be like, you just want one thing from the 24/0 side(Autoflower)
I like to run mine as close to photo light cycle if I can , I think the buds bulk more

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I always thought 12/12 would sacrifice yield bc autos are on a clock and the more light the bigger the colas. But we learn something new everyday

Honestly Idk for sure. I put my flowering auto back into 24/0 and she started flowering again