Best ground for my lady

Hey new to growing, when I start to germinate my seeds should I place them in that damp cloths trick or should I put them in the soil? Also what kind of soil mixture should I plant them in when they are still babies? Thanks

@jscherencel What most growers do is soak the seed overnight, place on in between moistened paper towel, not wet, wait for a 1/4” long tail, transfer to growing medium about 1/4”-3/8” deep. Wait for a couple of days, and they should pop up.
We suggest to to soak the seed overnight to help softened the shell so it will shed the shell when it erupts from the growing medium.

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Is there a good soil mixture you found that works best. I have read that you want to use a vegetable soil.

If I’m in soil I prefer Fox farms Ocean forest. Excellent drainage and plenty of nutrients until your midway into veg. You’ll need to feed nutrients after that, and into flower.