Best combination of nutrients for a potting mix medium

Hey all im still trying to learn what’s best out there for nutrients what combo of Nutes are all you guys using in veg and bloom stage ?

I use flower power ILGM notes. They are expensive, but I have had great yield despite the other stresses I caused to my plant. At some point I may try something more reasobly priced. I am in coco and water every other day at 1/4 to 1/3 dosage depending on what the prior ppm was of the runoff


I use fox farm nutrients at half strength with pro mix soil and i add manure and blood meal and bone meal with worm casting too 673415203b0c8891a207bb24e5cc828c this bag is 10 dollars at Wal-Mart

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You’ll find just about every brand imaginable in use here. That’s one of those questions that’s a personal preference. I’d suggest a simple one to start with like fox farms trio or General Hydroponics Flora series. Then you can look at others after a grow or two. I only say that because some brands are very complex with multiple additives and it can be confusing.


By half
Strength do you mean half
The recommend usage on the bottle I’m going to start with Fox
Farms like suggested and work from there I also have bone meal and blood meal to add

Yes half strength of the feeding chart/schedule and then about 2 or 3 weeks before flower i start increasing to be at 100% by the time i go to the 12/12 light cycle