Bending gone wrong

I’m in my last week of veg using chronic widow strain from ilgm. I used the bending method to even out my canopy. I think I bent one of the branches too far and it damaged the outside of the branch and has turned a dark color. BUT the leaves and tops to the branch are still vibrant green and growing. Should I make a brace for the branch to secure it back in place? Or just leave it be and risk the tops growing buds on a damaged branch?? Please help

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If you just make it, you can put some tape around it and strait it up a little, if it’s more then 2-3 days, tape it too but do not try to strait it up, otherwise you’ll do more damage since the plant is already healing it’s self… Put a little unpasteurize honey on the wound, it will help to recover and honey is a good protector against bacteria :wink:

Good luck @Jacktheripper20896

~Al :v: :innocent:


Listen to Al, knows her stuff!


Clutch! Thanks al. Unfortunately I made adjustments before you responded :disappointed: I straighted her up with a stick and used pipe cleaner to support her up. lol couldn’t stand looking at her bent like that. But now I wish I would’ve left her be! What’s the worst that can happen now???

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@Jacktheripper20896 you’ll be fine they are hardy plants that will always correct them selves the worst possible thing is you loos was hat branch
Over all tho the plant will survive just fine

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