Beginning to show some issues

Jack Herer @ day 37 of flower, grown in FFOF, fed blue planet nutes. Alternating nutes or molasses water about every 4 days. Ph has been perfect, between 6.2-6.6 the entire grow. Showing signs of manganese deficiency. Not sure of next steps. Appreciate any input.

Never seen it: some calcium def and plant is consuming older leaves (perfectly normal).

Have you done the recommended flush, and do you water to runoff? Do you monitor runoff TDS and PH?

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Always water to runoff, measuring PH each time, always within normal parameters. Have not performed any flush on this plant. FFOF is organic, did not need to flush between veg and flower as I did not start feeding nutes until flipped to flower.

I think what he meant was more geared towards the nutrient schedule recommendations. If you look at notes on schedule says to flush regularly to avoid build up. With solutions in the 1200-1600 ppm range it’s common to see a flush recommended a couple times throughout grow.

I would have guessed just underfed if not some sort of a lockout.

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FFOF is not organic. It has organic ingredients but is adulterated with non-organic stuff as well. Organic growers do not use FF. KIND soil and so on.

That tells me you are supplementing and a flush is recommended by FF. You also don’t mention runoff TDS; just PH. Are you monitoring input and output TDS? That would tell you if you need to flush. PH won’t tell you anything.

I’ve been very keen on how much molasses I’ve added to my coco and soil runs in the past because I was def getting some lockout. In essence, I stopped adding it lol. I was getting great veg momentum doing organic honey early on and cutting it out by flower. Saw how solid molasses was and got some. Now…not needed imo in light of potential downsides → lockout.

I’d wait a day or two and see if it gets any worse. While you have some yellow leaves, your plant doesn’t look unhealthy to me right now and anything you “correct” may make it worse. My plant in flower lost lots of leaves the plant is focusing on developing those buds and the leaves get whatever is left over.

thank you everyone for all the input, very much appreciated.