Beginner Seeking Help

Hello, starting my foray into growing pot. Unfortunately trying to follow the guide on its own lead to two failed attempts, so here I am. First attempt, germinated after 5-6 days, grew very slowly before dying, likely due to the Fox Farm fertilizer I tried using. Rought 10 days in it was only about an inch tall with 4 leaves. The guide suggests 3-4 spritzes of water per plant, I did probably 7-8 thinking it would be needed due to the larger pot. Second time, cut back the water to 3-4 and they never germinated. So obviously I’m doing something wrong. Any help or tips that could be provided would be appreciated. Thanks
Seed: White Widow Auto
Soil: Miracle Gro Indoor Potting Mix
Water: Distilled, using a spray bottle
Pot: Fabric, went straight to the 5 gal pot rather than small containers just for seeding’s.
Temps: low 70s all day
Humidity: upper 20s low 30s
Light: on from 5:30 pm to 10:30 am
Set up:

Welcome to the community.

I’m not sure if you’re currently using it, but miracle grow soil (or any other soil with time release fertilizer) is not a good choice for growing marijuana.

If you have specific problems or questions feel free to ask.


I agree with @Drinkslinger on the soil. Plus I see that the humidity is very low for plants that have just spouted. At that stage they gain a lot of their water through the leaves and low humidity hurts. If you can’t get the humidity up in the tent cut some plastic bottles in half and use them as a dome to keep the humidity up.

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Thanks for the reply’s. Everything I see has “feeds up to x months” on it, would you happen to have a recommendation on soil? For the bottles, are you saying put the top part over the plant?

Welcome to the community. Since you just joined you may or may not know this but you are limited on the amount of posts you can make the first 24 hours.

Secondly that light simply won’t do. Not enough watts. I do have a TopoGrow 4x4x80” tent and I love it.

As for soil I personally use Fox Farms Ocean Forest aka FFOF.

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You said that second attempt they failed to germinate. Question did you soak seeds before putting in soil. If not soak seeds for 24 hrs in a dark warm area. You definitely can germinate going directly into soil, maybe you should consider after 24 hr soak put them in damp paper towels. Keep checking them until you get tap root. Also I use small starter containers. Until they get enough growth to transplant. If you use paper towel method you should also get your soil prepared I will take my containers with soil soak the soil and let them set in warm area for 48 hrs. This will allow soil to dry out some but leave enough moisture so that you won’t have to be concerned that soil is to dry. After putting seeds with tap roots in soil lightly spray once or twice a day. This is the way I’ve been doing it and have been fairly successful with germination.


Tried and true way. Soak seeds in water for 18 to 24 hours. Take out seed and or seeds and place in a damp paper towel for 48 hours. Make sure to check the paper towel so it doesn’t dry out or you will kill the root.

After the damp paper towel for 48 hours and you should have a nice tap root. Then the fun begins and so much can go wrong.


Also definitely change soil. I’ve never tried miracle grow, but have never heard anybody say that it’s OK for cannabis. I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest and haven’t had any issues.


Fox farms ocean forest. Great soil.


I have seen people use the bottom part of the bottle, never the top. I have used plastic sandwich bags over the top of the party cup. They fit just about perfect. Lots of ways to come up with a solution for domes.

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Thanks for the suggestion, just ordered some of the fox farm. I had already been soaking seed, and then just planting them in the soil. They usually had spilt and you see the spot. I already had one soaking for a day, I’ll try the paper towel. Thanks

Ugh, don’t like the idea of getting a new light. I thought the 300w would be fine for only 1-2 plants.

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I had already been soaking them for 36 hours or so but wasn’t putting them in the damp paper towel. I also ordered from starter containers as well and I got a soil recommendation, so I’ll try that. Do you have the soil under the lights at this point?

@TripleB For seedlings by sure but that is about it. That is not a real 300 watt light. I ran a Viparspectra PAR600 Light and it pulls about about 274 watts from the wall. I was able to grow plants with it but it still wasn’t enough light for my 4x4 tent.

I don’t think no one likes to hear my light isn’t good enough and I’ve spent $451 on two lights and finally another $799 for my final lights.

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As far as using paper towels there’s different ways to do it. I let seeds soak until they sink and then take a clear glass and fill with paper towels soak with tap water . Take seeds and place between side of glass and paper towels. Place in warm dark area. Let tap root develop. Use pencil with eraser end make hole 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. Place seed root down. Cover with soil don’t pack soil tight. Once planted I put them under light and run lights 18/6.

The light you have will grow cannabis. I’m a beginner myself. I’m on my 3rd grow. My first grow went well . The only problem was I had a cheap light. Plants grew fine and looked good. Flowers developed without a problem. The thing is that the they were super lightweight. Really fluffy and didn’t have much density. Hell I thought I had at least a pound of Flower. I think I ended up with 4 or5 ounces from 4 plants. You should try to read threads about lighting. There are a lot of options. It won’t hurt to start to consider your options.


Thanks, how was the quality?

Quality was actually great.


Its nt 300 true watts tho. always gata check that. Welcome to the community some real great ppl in here that real try to help. Best advice b patient and would def say cut out the miracle grow asap

It’s a 100 watt light. That will be fine for one plant.
This type of light is referred to as a blurple light. It will grow a plant from start to finish just fine, but it just won’t be anywhere close to the size and quality of a plant grown under a light like a quantum board.
If you can’t afford a better light at this time, at least get a second blurple light like this Vivosun 135 watt light. The two lights together will adequately light your tent.

Because of the light color they produce, plurple lights actually do pretty well in the vegetative stage of plant growth. When the plant gets to the flowering stage however, those type of lights are fairly insufficient.

Or… you could just grow a single plant for now and save your $70 to put toward a Horticulture Lighting Group (commonly referred to as HLG) 260W QB light.

FYI, the number one key thing to germination is warm temperature. 77-82°F is ideal. Outside of that range you diminish your chances. The paper towel method mentioned earlier is the most popular method, but all methods seem to work fine as long as you maintain that warm temperature early on.